Lay of Love, first artwork for my tarot

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Lay of Love

This is my first artwork for a project I've been holding off for a while. Following in the footsteps of many artists, inlcuding some great ones on this blockchain as @nekromarinist and @reinhard-schmid, i have begun working on my own tarot cards.

My first encounter with the tarot was probably in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, with Jane Seymour as the psychic Solitaire who was in service of the main villain Dr.Kananga. There is a most memorable scene in the movie where Solitaire gets tricked by Bond, played by Roger Moore, who switched the Tarot deck so it held only copies of the Lovers' card and used it to seduce the trusting Solitaire. She would then lose her psychic powers, making her useless to the superstitious villain. It was a very powerful scene that still gives me shivers today. Perhaps it was such a strong influence of the movie, painting a certain light on the practice that I've not had many dealings with the tarot since then - until recently.


I became interested in tarot, when I stumbled upon some streamers who were doing readings online. I found it fascinating how the cards were interpreted and often resonated with people's situations, including mine. There were few events in my life around the time that called for some insight. I was stuck in a position of responsibility, a side job as the treasurer of the local artists association, while I enjoyed some parts of it, it was starting to take more than it was offering. I also had been in a very unhealthy relationship, which had ended a good while ago but still was weighing heavy on me. Finally came the sickness of my father who after several operations and months spent in hospital, passed away. Our relationship wasn't the best and i was left with a lot of regrets about that.

The readings offered distraction and comfort, but they did also help me to gain some understanding of my feelings and move toward where I wanted to be. I was also allured by the artwork and eventually wanted to learn the cards myself and ended purchasing a deck. I researched long for one that i thought had nice art, happened to find a good deal on it and was very happy with it. Unfortunately some bills caught up with me later that year and to my regret I had to sell the deck along with bunch of other things

So there was a long time I didn't have any cards, but I kept following readers online and the idea of making my own started to brew. I've made a lot of my digital art with Windows Paint and have developed a style with it that would perhaps make an interesting tarot deck. So here we are. No doubt it will take some time to finish,especially if i go with the full deck, but i think there will be lot to gain from this and hopefully there is something i can contribute to the tradition

Lay of Love is inspired by the Queen of Cups in the traditional tarot, as seen here in the one from Rider-Smith-Waite deck. I'm working quite intuitively with the cards so they might differ quite a lot from the original meanings, though a lot of the elements persist keeping the link to the origins.



That's very atmospheric. I'm not into tarot, but I like a bit of fantasy art.

Thank you. Definitely been inspired by fantasy art in my youth and some of that is coming back with these

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