Winter Ascendant

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When i was young I took part in the cruel hobby of collecting butterflies. We spent many days and night chasing after them with our little nets and jars. Now days, I of course much prefer to see them flying than being pinned down in a cardboard case. I have always inpsired by their beauty and their strange biology, moths especially were something that i found extremely fascinating.
Moths like their cousins butterflies go through a complete metamorphosis during their life time from eggs to caterpillars, into a cocoon and finally to adult moths. In this process they breakdown almost all of their tissue before it is reassembled to make their final form. This drawing began in the summer but, like a real moth stay in their cocoon to complete their journey into an adult, this one was left hidden in a folder for months until i picked it up to finish it. While the drawing process itself takes a long time, a lot of the art happens between the physical action.
While butterfly is a symbol for the day, the moth is a creature of the night and is thought to represent the darker side of our personality. The expression “Like a moth into a flame” describes the fatal attraction to things like money, fame or perhaps a wrong person. This strange creature with its eyes wide open is just about to emerge from its casing, ready to take flight for its dance in the moonlight. The full glory or the horror of its appearance is left for the imagination.

*Winter Ascendant
digital drawing


Really fascinating drawing, even more so with your detailed explanation.

I like moths and have incorporated the theme in my work too. Interesting what you write about being attracted to something not good in the end... probably one of the things we have to learn in life. Too bad many good years are "wasted" that way.

Thank you Reinhard. Definitely so. My hope is to transform those experiences into something good.

I like it, you're great at making it look natural. Lovely shading too

Thank you very much!

As always really great! We really should make that black and white evil-book one day.

Thank you my friend! I thought my work was about to get lighter in spirit but this kind of stuff just keeps popping up. So there would be no shortage of material