Why is North Korea's strangest leader the world's president?

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North Korea's 33-year-old leader, Kim Jun-un, is one of the world's most controversial leaders after his decisions and actions attracted millions of people, especially when a new resolution ignites social networking sites.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Video ... North Korean leader reviews his power with intercontinental missiles

Kim took over the leadership of his father, Kim Jong Il, the former leader of the country, on 19 December 2011, and since then North Korea has been the world's attention because of its president's decisions.


Kim Jong-un studied at the Bernie International School in Switzerland until 1998 and was among the most famous celebrities who visited North Korea and met Kim, the former American basketball star Dennis Rodman. Since coming to power, Kim has supervised the further development of North Korea's nuclear program.

One of the strangest things about him is that he does not know the date of his real birth, and was said to be born in 1983 or the next year.

 Kim had executed his defense minister with an anti-aircraft gun, after a military parade, because he had slept in one of the president's conferences, and singer Hyun Songwol, his former girlfriend, was executed after being accused of filming a pornographic film.

 Kim Jong-un called himself the "dear leader," so he controlled the government. He said the title was a registered trademark of his father. The North Korean leader also wanted to rewrite his country's political history as well as his personal desires. He removed 99 percent of the Pyongyang News Archives Which concerns his father, the former leader of North Korea, according to Ma'an News Agency.


- Under Kim Jong-un, you will not be protected by a position, even if you are defense minister, or your cousin from the head of state, to save your life, from killing with mortars, throwing hungry dogs, or throwing anti-aircraft missiles. North in disposing of his opponents, on charges including drinking wine during mourning for his father, and drowsiness during a military parade.

The execution of soldiers who published a "joke" scoffed at the North Korean leader and likened him to this

Kim underwent several cosmetic surgeries, so he could reach a greater resemblance to his great-grandfather Kim Al-Sung, the first leader of North Korea, and an example of the young leader. It seems a few centimeters taller than the length.

 Kim issued a decree requiring men to follow the example of the leader of their new country. The story was called "The Story of the Poetry of Ambition," and the citizens were given 28 poetry stories that they were allowed to choose from.

 Issued an order to place a huge emblem on a 560 meter high hill that reads, "Long live the General Kim Jong-un Korea's bright sun", according to "Home".


In December 2013, North Korea's North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the second-in-command of the regime, was executed early after being sentenced to death by a special military court, the agency said.

The country's top officials were banned from importing and smoking cigarettes and decided to smoke cigarettes made in Korea because they are national products.

Minister of Public Security Sang Hoon was sentenced to death by a flamethrower because of his strong connection to the life of Korean leader Kim Jong. He also wanted to get rid of all the leaders who were close to his late uncle and numbered 200.


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