CALL FOR ARTISTS: NFT Showroom at Hivefest 6, submit your art to be displayed in the gallery!

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Artists in this thumbnail, left to right: @medinesaan, @castleberry, @quixoticflux

NFT Showroom has been once again invited to create a gallery for Hivefest to showcase some of the beautiful art that gets tokenized on our platform so we are putting out a call for artists.

How to participate

We will be able to accommodate around 50 NFTs, still images are preferred as GIFs and video may be too resource intensive for AltSpace. There may also be an opportunity for a few artists to speak about NFTs and cryptoart!

If you are interested in having your art featured please leave a comment on this post with the following info:

( One entry per artist)

  • Link to the art on NFT Showroom
  • Title
  • year of creation
  • yes/no if you are interested in speaking

Please note that we may not be able to include everyone due to the limitations of the space but we will be doing our best to include a diversity of styles

For more information on Hivefest see the announcement post by @roelandp:

Announcing HiveFest⁶ - 12 + 13 November 2021 - Return To The Metaverse

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on

Visit our virtual gallery in Cryptovoxels: NFT Showroom Exhibition

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord



If you are looking for some comedy or off the wall content, I would like to enter this for your consideration

Thank you for the opportunity!
Link To Artwork:
Title: Domination
Year of Creation: 2020
Speak: no

Title: Lockdown Selfie II.
Year of creation: 2021
Speak: No

btw: it's an mp4 file, but it's smaller in size than a gif animation

Link to the art on NFT Showroom:
Title: Jellies
Year of creation: 2021
Speaking: No

Thank you for this opportunity!

My entry:
Title: The Alien King With His Ghosts and Scepters
Year of Creation: 2021
Speak: no

What a great opportunity! Thank you for organizing the exhibition :)

Here is my application.

Wow, thank you so much for the opportunity.

Link to the artwork:

Title: Iyalode
Year of Creation: 2021
Speaking: No

Amazing opportunity!

Here is my data.

I would like to have a go!
Title: "Cells of Jeriko"
Year of Birth: 2021
Speak: No.

Awesomeee and yesss

Dino Puku - Dinoking arrives to Town.
speaking possible

Hi Hi people, here is my entry for this amazing opportunity:
Title: Two Little Kittens
Year of creation: 2021
Speaking: No

That's really cool!
Title: Change your mind
Year of Creation: 2021
speak: No

Thank you for the opportunity!
Link To Artwork:
Title: Full Speed
Year of Creation: 2021
Speak: no

Can't seem to log into showroom with key signer to apply.

head to discord and seek for help.

Got it fixed, thanks.

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Of course I want to participate !!!
Link to artwork:
Year of Creation: 2021
Speak: no

wonderful opportunity for one who create NFTs .... all the best for the participants.

thankyou for sharing...

Hello and good luck to everyone.
Title: Damnitiel,The Angel of war.
Year of creation: 2021.
Speak: no.

Hi and thanks for the invitation ;)
Galactic Map
no speak :]

Awesome idea!
Title: Solitude on the Planet of Dreams
Year: 2021
Speaking: No

The opportunity I was waiting for!
Link to the work:
Title: Metamorphosis
Year of creation: 2021
Speaks: no

Thank you guys!
Title: Konstante,the Industry Titan
Year of Creation: 2021
Speaking: No.

This is great

Title: The lady of the dark forest.
Year of creation: 2021
Speak: No

I don't have an entry, but I am here to say I am glad to discover opportunities like this exist here! Thank you!

Thank you, this is my modest contribution.
Title: Samurai
Year of creation: 2021
Speak: possible

Cool, my very first NFT created, tribute to HIVE:
Title: Hive Bee
Year: 2020
Speaking: not necessarily

moar artz

Thank you for the opportunity!
Link To Artwork:
Title: Feathered Emblem
Year of creation: 2021.
Speak: no

Hi, thanks for the opportunity.
This is my entry :
Title : Vajrmoor
Year: 2021
Speak: no

:) Thanks for the opportunity!
Title: The Weird Buddha

Thank you 🙏😊

Link to Art:

Title: Lady Nada

Year: 2021

Speak: Maybe / my internet connection isn't the best 🙈

Thank you for the opportunity!
Title: Dracon's Eye
Year: 2021
Speak: no

Sorry that I didn't add these details before in my entry post: I hope it's good to add them again, here!