Hive Punks - Family Reunion auction ending soon, get a piece of HIVE history!

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Punks on Hive was an incredibly successful 10k PFP project that sold out in only a few days and was the first of it's kind on the HIVE blockchain.

@themarkymark, creator of @hivepunks has made a composite image of all 10k PUNKS and the NFT Showroom auction is ending soon!

This is an incredible piece of Hive history and there is only 1 edition available:

NFT available for bidding here: Hive Punks - Family Reunion

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 12.34.10 PM.png

Good luck to all the bidders!

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Now I am waiting when we are going to create our own punks, mint it and sell.

I won't be creating new Punks, my next NFT project will be very different.

I don't think it's in anyones best interest to do more Punks on Hive as it devalues the existing ones. The only reason I did Punks is because all other blockchains have cloned it but Hive.

That means we won't be having any other punks beside these 10K?

Not by me, it wouldn’t be fair to those who minted them under the impression there would only be 10K.

Hmm fair enough.
But I feel like someone else might do it here.

I don't think so.

Wassies next? I'm hives leading wassie designer! Pro skills in paint!

I agree with you and also have to say thank you for this. Would be diluting the value.

HivePunks should own this! 😍

I bid but got outbid. Still time left. Let's see what happens!

oh man, Ive been severely outbid. For some reason I thought it was ending 24hrs ago, so I thought I was being super smart putting in a cheeky bid..... ah well. I'll count my pennies, but I reckon interest has hotted up now

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Only just seen this, but it is fantastic. Getting all 10k on one NFT. To the winner of the auction, enjoy :-)