NFT Showroom artist guide / FAQ and whitelisting

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Authored by @juliakponsford


Welcome to NFT Showroom! This guide will cover creating and account, installing HIVE keychain, applying as an artist and some basics about tokenizing art! Some of these things may be subject to change as we evolve and we will update this guide as needed!

Hive account and Keychain extension

To begin you will need a hive account, if you don't have one go to

The Hive keychain browser extension is the best way to login and manage your hive account, it is currently available for chrome/brave and firefox.



Get an account and install keychain, quick video tutorial:


Currently we have approved over 1000 artists to tokenize!

If you prefer video:

Here are a few tips on what we are looking for when considering the whitelisting process.

MAKE IT EASY TO VIEW YOUR ART PORTFOLIO! This seems obvious but if the links you submitted are lacking in art the application will be denied, you can always update and re-apply.

Add secondary social media links so we can contact you for verification. After applying keep an eye on your twitter, instagram etc. DMs, if you are not accepting DMs and we have no way of messaging you we will deny the application for the time being.

We have also added the option for you to make a verification tweet and link it in the twitter field, completing this can help expedite your application!

  • Using services like or is a great way to provide all your socials / galleries in one place, feel free to add these in the bio/website fields. You can also use google drive, dropbox, etc. if you don't have any online work.

  • We are not accepting any photography at this time, although if you do photo manipulation / digital art there is some crossover. Feel free to get in touch with us, this rule is more case by case!

  • This is a digital art platform! There are physical artists who are able to create high quality digital representations of their work (see brunonacif and yusaymon for great examples) this is something we will be taking into consideration when reviewing the quality of your art.

How to apply

To navigate to the whitelisting application click your name in the upper right menu > then click profile. The page looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 4.04.20 PM.png

Please note: any blank applications will be denied so make sure to click UPDATE PROFILE after entering your info.

Please fill out all fields that are applicable, leaving some blank is not an issue. If you have another site you think would be helpful to show your portfolio use the website field or include it in your bio.

click update profile

Now you can check the boxes at the bottom and apply for the whitelist. There is no need to notify admins, we can see applications coming in on our dashboard. An admin will contact you on one of your other social media sites to verify so please keep an eye on those. Depending on the number of applications it may take a few days up to a week. After we get a response we will let you know when you have been approved.


Before you being to tokenize there are a few basic things you should be aware of!

  • We ask that the art you tokenize be exclusive to NFT Showroom, anyone found to be minting the same art on multiple platforms will have their approval revoked.
  • Tokens are not editable after they are issued so please double and triple check before you finalize!
  • Any artist found tokenizing plagiarized works will be removed.
  • All content, images, audio files, MP4s and text you upload on the tokenize page are publicly viewable and can be freely downloaded. If you want to add content for only the buyer make sure to upload only a preview and add the full content as an unlockable (more details later in this post!)


To make a token it will cost 5 SWAP.HIVE and 1 SWAP.HIVE for each edition if you are making multiples. You must deposit SWAP.HIVE into your wallet on NFT Showroom before you begin tokenizing.

If you don't have HIVE:

Hive is available on a number of exchanges such as Bittrex, Binanace, Houbi, etc., if you do not have access to one of these there are options with no KYC though you will usually pay a slightly higher fee.

To get Hive with no KYC use one of these swap sites:

For more details on how to buy HIVE see this post How to get HIVE in your wallet

Now that you have Hive, go to your wallet tab on NFT Showroom and click deposit. (this takes HIVE from your wallet and automatically converts it to SWAP.HIVE in a few seconds)

Type in the desired amount you would like to import and sign the transaction on keychain.

Image specs

Current accepted formats: jpeg, png and gif, MP4, MP3 and WAV


IMAGE: JPEG, PNG and GIF: Maximum of 30 mb and you will need a 3 mb version for the thumbnail

  • if you are tokenizing a gif the thumbnail can also be a gif provided it is below 3mb

MP4: max 100 MB (you will also need a 5 mb thumbnail in MP4 or GIF format)

For MP4 we recommend using H264 codec as that will play reliably in most browsers!

Audio: MP3 or WAV file: maximum of 30 mb and you will need a 3 mb version for the thumbnail

Thumbnail: The thumbnail displays at different aspect ratios on different part of the site and also slightly varies by device, 400PX tall and portrait ratio is best overall. The largest it will be displayed is 400x330 from it's thumbnail.

Editions and Rarity

There has been some confusion about editions. In simple terms editions are like prints, or copies of the same art. It is important that you decide the number of editions when you are minting the piece because you can't create more later. This would be tantamount to breaking the contract of the first token.

When tokenizing art the rarity is a very important aspect. Buyers will take this into consideration when making a purchase and it will a part of the equation when determining value. When you tokenize a piece of art you are setting the number of editions forever so please choose wisely.

If you mint 1 edition, buyers will be looking at that as part of the value. They would be the only collector ever to own that piece!

This applies to other platforms as well, and even other chains. If you mint art, you should never mint that piece of art again, anywhere.

NFT Showroom allows single or multiple editions. Minting a single edition costs 5 swap.hive, each extra edition will be another swap.hive.

Many collectors prefer only small runs or single editions but this is debated and it is your choice to decide how you wish to tokenize your art!


On the tokenize form there is a choice between Private and Limited Reproduction License.

Private means you retain the full copyright to your image. The buyer may display the art as part of their collection or resell it on the secondary market.

Limited Reproduction License means you are selling the token holder a License to reproduce your work for commercial purposes. That could include using it on a commercial website, using it on printed merch etc. You may want to consider possible uses for your work and print editions accordingly. Depending on what type of art it is the buyer may or may not want to purchase commercial rights if there are multiple editions available as they will not be given exclusive rights, we leave this fully to the artists discretion!


Please enter descriptive tags relating to your art, genre/style, content, movement etc. The better you accurately tag your work the easier it will be for buyers to find in search.

Enter each tag with no capitol letters and hit enter after each one, there is no need to use a # either.

For more suggestions on tags take a look at this post: The art of tagging on NFT Showroom

Finalizing your token

Once all the fields are filled out, tick the boxes agreeing to the TOS and click ISSUE TOKEN. Sign the transaction and after a moment a popup will prompt you to go to your collection where you can manage your token and list it for sale.

We suggest checking everything twice, once the token is issued the data can't be changed. If you make a mistake you will need to burn the token and issue it again and that is non-refundable!

Managing your art

After tokenizing, the art will go to your collection, but it is not for sale. In order to do this click the art, then > manage under the art

This will send the art to your cart and you can manage them, current options are burn, sell, create auction, transfer

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 4.07.01 PM.png

Burn will do as stated and burn the token, this can be used in the case that you made a mistake in the token information and would like to mint it again. We ask you to be very careful making sure the info is correct on the tokenize page so you don't need to do this!

  • Please note that if you tokenize again after burning you will not be able to use the exact title again.

Sell This option allows you to set a sale price. If you have multiple editions and want to make them all the same price you can do this as a batch. If you want to make different prices you will need to add them to the cart and list them 1 by 1.

Transfer This allows you to transfer or gift the art to another account. Just enter the username and desired memo

create auction See our guide for auction creation:
AUCTIONS tutorial: How to create, manage bids and settle an auction

A demo of the tokenizing process, adding an unlockable and listing for sale:


We now have the option to add an unlockable file or link that only the buyer can access! You can add an unlockable on your collection page before you list your item for sale.

After tokenizing visit your collection. click on the art, scroll down and add the unlockable of your choice.

FILE: JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4 or PDF up to 100 mb


LINK: Add a self hosted link to google drive, dropbox, etc.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 4.09.00 PM.png

A small lock icon will now appear by the art description, please describe what is in the unlockable for your buyers.

More information on how that works in this post: Unlockables and referral system

If you want to do a deeper dive of HIVE, NFT Showroom, get tips on promoting your NFTs and more check out this curated collection of posts: Resources for Artists

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

Visit our virtual gallery in Cryptovoxels: NFT Showroom Exhibition

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord



Hello, I recently bought an NFT from @bryan-imhoff. Then transferred it to another one of my accounts. Things worked smoothly, although looking at the information published on the hive chain (JSON of the custom transaction) I feel the caracterisation of the object bought could have been more extensive.

However I don't really see what is the benefit of buying it since the access to the 9,5 MB file on IPFS is broken ... so all I can do with my art, aside from transferring it, is to look at it on the screen of my computer, which I could have done also without buying it.

I believe that at least making sure the owner can download a high resolution file (and perhaps print a big poster for his room) shouuld be a high priority for you guys

Kind regards

Hey @sorin.cristescu, first off, thanks for the purchase and the support! I'll admit I'm much more artist than tech guy... so I'll be interested in seeing what @nftshowroom has to offer in terms of the IPFS hosting. I'll definitely be looking at seeing what I can do to host or add redundancy if that's possible.

Clicking on the IPFS link is just giving me a spinning wheel for a while now, so I do assume that's broken. However, the @nftshowroom website itself does seem to be hosting the image in full resolution. If I right-click and "save as" I get the full 9.5 MB file which should be a pretty good resolution for a solid print if you so desire!

Of course the fact that everyone has access to the high resolution artwork without purchase does get back to the heart of some folks arguments about NFT's. You could have just saved it and printed it off without buying and I would be totally fine with that! I do plan on adding value in the future by offering additional "drops" and incentives to holders of my NFTs. I'm excited by the potential to do things like that here on Hive, as it's so easy to communicate with the accounts directly on-chain.

If there's anything I can do to help let me know!

I'm going to copy this comment again here just incase you didn't know about unlockables!

We host the image on both IPFS and an image server so the site loads quickly and also for redundancy purposes. We occasionally experience some slowness with the IPFS server and have been looking into that.

As for the second part we have offered unlockables for about 6 months now, this means the artist can upload a lower res image for public viewing and then include whatever they like in the unlockable section that is only accessible to the buyer. Artist aren't forced to use that option but it is there as a choice if they would like to use it :)

Thanks for the answer, @bryan-imhoff.

I believe the whole idea of "owning" is predicated on exclusivity ... So if everybody can simply right-click and download the hi-res file, then there's much less reason to buy it. Personally, I think the whole "NFT" thing is rather annoying and obfuscating. I believe a large majority of people would rather buy art than a funny-sounding acronym. Although the blockchain environment skews our perception: among the tiny sliver of blockchain-savvy people, the proportions are reversed: because of the hype, the NFT-seekers are in a majority. But "art" or "NFT", exclusivity should be part of the proposition.

Here is an article I wrote some time ago about this.

It was before the NFT-craze. I reckon "crazes" like these are good though, as they spur investment

Sorry I seemed to have missed this comment, we host the image on both IPFS and an image server so the site loads quickly and also for redundancy purposes. We occasionally experience some slowness with the IPFS server and have been looking into that.

As for the second part we have offered unlockables for about 6 months now, this means the artist can upload a lower res image for public viewing and then include whatever they like in the unlockable section that is only accessible to the buyer. Artist aren't forced to use that option but it is there as a choice if they would like to use it :)

Freakin' Sweet! I am building and creating works for this thing. I would love to see this journey unfold and carry onward. 😀 As a creator, I enjoy finding new ways to monetize my works.

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This is what I've been waiting for to spread my art for ages.

Very excited for this.

oh my...I'm so lazy to apply to the whitelist...Is there a way to bribe someone ? LoLminuscule.png

LOL, it only takes a moment :D we are going to halt whitelisting for a moment to allow the new batch of artists to settle in and are waiting for some site optimization but feel free to apply I will be super happy to have you onboard :)

Great tutorial!

Oh esto es genial y extraordinario! Amo a Hive°

Is this only for digital arts ?

Yes it is for digital art :)

Can someone just sell digital copies of their art ?

I have applied for whitelist.

Many thanks, I am attempting to add my art, so going through the process now. I always dreamed of making money selling my art and this may be the time and place for my dream to come true at last.

I'm @yahialababidi on Twitter and have been blogging on Steemit/Hive for years. Excited at the possibility of creating NFTs, but having some difficulty applying. Can I ask you to help, please? Also, here's an offer to collaborate with other artists that might be of interest to your community: Cheers, Yahia

Hey guys and gals, I was invited here a bit ago. Have been lurking being shy.. but now I wanted to introduce myself and say HI. I look forward to seeing everyones work and also sharing mine, which I hope you enjoy!

ohh I sure will apply soon <3

Hi, I make these creations: it is possible that my profile be accepted?

I await your response. Thank you!

Hi I would suggest applying on the site, if you fit the criteria in this post it should be fine. You can always join our discord if you have questions as it is easier to have a live chat there :)

Thanks for the tutorial - very clear and explanatory. Just wondering - When tokenizing, can markup be used for formatting text in the description? I tried using
to get some line breaks happening but have just ended up with a whole lot of
s throughout my finalised description. It would be great if at least some basic formatting were available as it would make reading some of the descriptors, etc., a little bit easier.

I've just been accepted and found this guide very useful. Thank you so much @nftshowroom I'm looking forward to populating my collection with art.

Great tutorial... will follow that!

@nftshowroom - many thanks for this great, informative article! I'm a visionary 2D artist with an uncompromised, full-time colourful career in several countries behind me... I'm keen to get involved in NFT, etc - However I,like many artists, have been censored extensively on mainstream in recent years, and so no longer have the 'required' 'social' 'media' links to apply.

Will your process lock me out - or will you have a workaround at some time in the future? Here's a link to my website, where you can download my catalogue on the front page:



I love to showcase and mint my hand painted arts here. I love to see people who loves and appreciates arts.