Everyday live photography.. (7 pics in 1)

in #art6 years ago (edited)

This is my seventh collage, " Da cockpit!!" Otrobanda city, final part.. 3of 3..
I had an amazing time taking these amazing pictures with my cousin in the city off Willemstad curaçao..
I called this one "Da cockpit!!" because it focuses more on the driver seat of the whole art work,
To make it look like you can grab the wheel & navigate this brilliant work of art to any destination.. Hope you guys like it..
It's been a pleasure sharing this installment of street art photography with you guys.. Thanks for all the support..
If you want to see more and get more details of this installment you can check the previous parts of, "Otrobanda city!!" On my blog @rny
I got more amazing content on the way for you guys..
Stay tuned for the next installment.. It's gonna be LIT !..!

Da cockpit!!