Adaptive Hex

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Adaptive Hex - used under CC-BY 4.0 Katahrsisdrill

Dear friends,

Today's work is based on a digital painting and photomontage by my artist friend @katharsisdrill who makes almost all of his work available under a creative-commons (CC-BY) license. You can find his original version here. I used #styletransfer to give it a slightly different touch.

Check out his homepage for highres downloads of his art!

Thanks for watching!


Ha, that's really nice. You are one of the few who actually resample my things - great stuff.

Glad you like it! I really digged your source and I'm happy that I could use it under CC. Though I guess it's easier to use cc-photography for art, than to actually remix some other artist's art. After all, you want to do justice to the artist.

Yes, I suppose that it is some sort of two-way obligation if you sample. I guess that was also the case for Public Enemy and the rest of the hip hop scene.

Reminds me of this super sample from the Psycho soundtrack :)

Thanks for the song, which is a quite brilliant "ex-sample" I truly enjoyed. If only some sort of smart-contracts would automatically pay royalties to the original creator of the sample, that would be a game-changer.