Magic Crystal Pixel Cubes.

in #art6 months ago (edited)

640 * 640 pixels.
Each square of color is exactly 100 pixel so if you do the math there is like 409,600 pixels in total at the below cube.
I call that real estate.

Magic cubes.png

here is the smallest it can get in any screen.


This is one color per pixel the exact same pattern as above...

But what is all that chatter about pixels you might ask, I animated this version for my @nftshowroom. I plan to use it as a texture of on the floor or cellings? Idk

I thought I should share them with you cause some of you are as much of a geek as I am. so you might actually use them.

First I will give it a try at my cryptovoxel gallery but I guess it will work out fine.
(edit) the 1 pixel edition is perfect for 0.1 textures rescales. and it looks trippy.
The big one is good for 0.5 blocks. So I have to guess that cryptovoxels blocks are like 1280 pixels per side."
I will render one more and slap it at the top as a goodbye gift. I hope you like it See you all laters.








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