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RE: Ithaqa Comic Issue 1, Part 2

in #art4 years ago

I really love how easily the comic flow! From Mookie's predicament in Part 1, to arriving at the Tea Factory (already heavily drunk), to the introduction of the three women, and how each of their personalities bubbles up instantly through their lines and their expressions :D :D :D Such a beautiful comic !!!

I also love the use of effective panel layout to help move the narrative along, very wonderful! We can tell that the waiter was a bit standoffish and that he might create a problem even before he spoke any thing !

Really enjoying it, @drwatson ! <3 <3 <3


So glad you like it, and I have to say that (so far) it gets better with each issue. This issue (as you know by now) had to ber seriously re-edited and re-tooled to tell a more coherent story, and without Theresa's amazing work, this wouldn't have been possible.

She is able to draw such iconic characters, with very expressive expressions. My only hope is that the storytelling catches up with the art ASAP!