Now Selling Art on NFT Showroom

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I spend a lot of time playing Splinterlands on the Hive Blockchain, and a lot of time making and selling NFTs. It seemed like a natural progression that I start my own Gallery on NFT Showroom.

To celebrate the merger of my favorite blockchain and my creativity... I'm dropping exclusive NFT Art everyday in November.

I am purposely selling some of my art at a very, very low price. As low as 2 Hive.

I want people to get into collecting and enjoying NFT Art. To put things in perspective, the last piece I sold on OpenSea went for .09 ETH.

Here is a little promo that I did for Instagram.


Take a moment and go check it out. Let me know in the comments if there is a piece you like.

Anyone that buys a piece this month will be air-dropped at least one additional piece in December. At least 1.

Check it out here...

Thank you for reading and I appreciate your time!


wow thats nice bud, congrats and more power to you keys!

Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.

Spread love.



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