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RE: Art & Creativity: "Refreshing" Old Work — an Experiment

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That's a great piece. If I were at your show I'd be tempted to buy it.

I have at least one box of "old stuff that I tried for the first time" kicking around somewhere. I like to look at it every now and then to remind myself how I've progressed as an artist, or creative-ist, or what have you. I don't think I've ever touched something up like that (I certainly wouldn't have the patience like you did) but I do try to make progressive changes on what I've done.

At least, until I get bored and move onto something else.

Now I need to go find that box...


Thanks for the kind words @wwwiebe!

This was just an experiment, really... it was far too tedious and time consuming to turn into any kind of regular practice, but it was still fun to see just "whether it could be done, and an improvement made."

I'm pretty much resigned to just having a "box of stuff" that's going to always be "old work," and the fact that it's always the new work people want I suppose serves as confirmation that my creative endeavors are actually "improving," on some level. And that's a good thing... I think.

Thanks for stopping by!