A mermaid drawing and song and my longing for the Ocean

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Come to me, the winds and the storms can't reach you below...

This is a traditional drawing of a siren I made in Watercolour. Made for a dear friend and follower that has for many months now always stopped by to encourage with the most insightful comments. I always say pay kindness with kindness and I know she wanted to purchase one of my original drawings, and as I had not available she purchased my illustrated music albums just to support and waited a long time. Then I decided, even if my sprained thumb still struggles with a steady line to do this little mermaid for her and yes I gifted it to her as a surprise because it had been her anniversary and It felt GREAT to provide a smile to someone unexpectedly, a way to say, I'm aware of your insightful and encouraging comments all these years, and I'm grateful they mean to me.

Still recovering form my hand injury

It was also a challenge for me as last year as I shared I sprained my thumb and it's been a slow painful path of recovering to draw steadily again :). I know and fell it's not the same as before still, it's been a slow process but I'm painting again and enjoying the pressure of a pencil on paper again, even if I must take breaks often I'm determined to draw more again.
I would like to save for an IPAD to use Procreate (as I have been recommended) as for me painting in digital is easier now as it doesn't require so much pressure as pencil and paper but well that will come in due time I'm catching up sketching again and dusting cobwebs from my rusty fingers!

I really want to go back to drawing more often so it was also an exercise of self-encouragement for myself.

WIP Work in progress, here a timelapse while I was drawing it

And here the drawing in its forever home, :) I'm happy it's cherished so much and look she even looks as if she got a lovely little treasure cove

mermaid in her forever home.jpg

A mermaid song I wrote inspired this drawing

mermaid 01.jpg
Above: me as a stranded mermaid in a low tide... very much like I feel sometimes... I need for the waters to rise again so I can swim away.

I was born by the sea and I always long for the ocean . I have always loved mermaids and mythology around these sea maidens. A common thing in all legends is the haunting and dangerous quality of their chants.
I had also composed last year my song "Surrender" which is a "mermaid song"
You can listen the song it's inspired on spotify. I wrote this poem about my longing for the sea and turned it into a "mermaid song"

and there had even a video, for which I have already shared a post before
I shared it before but it had a video version too.

This song was the result of my passion for mermaids mythology and also a representation of my longing for the ocean... in fact more than a mermaid call it's the sea calling. I swear I need to put my barefoot into seawater once a year at least so I can remember how it sounds...

sounds like this...

Come to me
I'll hold you so close
I won't let you go... Surrender...


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