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"The whole world is a stage, and all men and women are mere playthings.
Within the heart of the hideous woods, trapped in malicious shades, an enchantress dwells, of ancient origins, born from the depravity of Gods from old. Demented from knowledge of dark magic. Deep skilled in all her mother's witcheries. One, whose name strucks fear even to the most noble knights and mightiest heroes. Her seductive body undoubtedly attracts even the puriest of hearts, with a slight gaze from her eyes, brings your soul to eternal torment. Be warned you fool. Never seek to wander the Forest of Steemia. Who knows what wickedness await you."

Good day steemians!

This will be my first time to try an artexplosion contest by @juliakponsford. This would also be my first time trying a timelapse video of me drawing. Which, obviously is the reason for the epic mess of a video below.

Okay, so I decided to draw enchantress from Suicide Squad played by my girlfriend Cara Delevingne. (hahaha)


Image Source

Well, I kinda messed up the eyes in the process and I got carried away and just inked everything which in turn, made her look like she had been blindfolded. I'm still a newbie in terms of drawing like this, but I sure hope to enhance it and discover my own kind of art.

# Art Process:
  • First, I sketched her in a pose I had in mind. I wanted her to look helpless and seductive at the same time.

  • Next, I made a few changes on the pose because the proportions were quite off. I finished the sketch with the hair being the means of trapping her.

  • This is the timelapse video of the inking process. I used my 0.7 and 0.5 My Gel Sign pen.

It took me forever to try and upload on Dlive and luckily this morning thw video uploaded to youtube. We have unstable internet connection.

  • Final Artwork. Now, using my Lightroom CC app, I enhanced the photo to my liking.

After the edit:


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I think your drawing is better than the image source @lemareg in my opinion! It’s fantastic.

Woah. Thank you so much @lildebbiecakes. It really means a lot. Though I still always seek to improve myself. I could also say that I still haven't found my art style but I intend to enjoy every second of my journey to that point. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my artwork. Godbless :)

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Ohww, sorry :D haha I misspelled it

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Woaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i love the Enchantress!!

Thank you! :D I'm glad you liked it

Of course, look at me, I'm a batman, batman likes all the girls in the DC universe

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good artistic work I congratulate you,

Thank you! :D

Wow, very creative! Thanks for sharing about this contest and contributing original content!

No problem! :D

A really neat and cheese-cakey adaptation. Love all the linework here.

Thank you! I'm happy you liked my artwork :)

Noo, I'm batmaaannnn hahahaha