3rd attempt out of 30 painting my Rabbit

in #artisteem4 years ago

Artwork ImageThis is supposed to be a part of my series for Self-Improvement through Art.
Even, it's been only 3 days since I took the watercolour paints in my hand,
and try various brushes I found around the house,
things are starting to look more like things I wanna paint,
and less like the things you'd see on mushrooms.

It's the day 3 of my 30 day attempt in improving my painting skills.
I decided to submit this piece as an entry in an art contest over at @artisteem own website.
We'll see where that gets me this time.
Submission is supposed to be autumn themed, so I suppose that explains the choice of colours.

The subject,
once again,
very close to my heart,
one of my two rabbits, Rex.

A word about Rex
He's fat,
He's angry.
He likes Chinese cabbage,
and to punch his roommate Yuki.

Still hardly any idea what I'm doing, but there are continuous improvements day in day out.
This time I took the sketch work more seriously, and unsurprisingly, the rabbit itself turn out much better than previously.

Let me know what you think!

Here's the original photograph of that little fat demon I'm using for an inspiration:
Yes, it is indeed my profile picture as well.
It's pretty good. Simple. I like it, fight me.

Comment, Up-vote, Resteem, Follow.
Be nice, Be mean, Be funny, Talk to me.



Wooo! Now this is more like Rex now. It's got the Rex attitude. Definitely big improvement. Rex would say wabbit .

Do you know what bears use for toilet paper?


On the good side he is black soooooooooooooo.............

Ah, the good'ol Do you mind sh't in your fur? trope.

Chinese cabbage? Sounds delicious.

What a delightful rabbit. Maybe once you finish you can try your hand at painting my donkey, Chelsea.

If my goal was to make a portrait of Sarah Jessica Parker, this would be a step in the right direction.

very nice. I use to have rabbits on the farm when I was a kid. My brother accidentally killed one of them by feeding it Trix the cereal.

as for this

It's pretty good. Simple. I like it, fight me.

Paging @bunnypuncher

Yeah, rabbits shouldn't eat sweets.
I have luck for pets. My dog used to eat chocolate and live.
Used to...

my rabbit was not so lucky.

At least you could enjoy some roast rabbit!
I just feed them and feed them, and clear the poop and clear the poop.
They say miniature rabbits can live 10 years.
10 years a slave.

Congrats, your post has been selected for excellent content and got a curation trail vote from the @orphansofdoom . That is one prize-winning rabbit you have there. Hope this helps.

If a black cat is unlucky, and a rabbit's foot is luck, Is a black rabbit's foot neutral?

I suppose so. The lucky rabbit's foot was supposed to be white.
You know, because white privilege, or something.

Rabbit poop is great for gardens however rabbits are horrible gardeners.

It's good for your eyes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they used rabbit poop to make a tea to cure your cataracts and stuff.

His face reminds me of grumpy cat. I guess it would be more grumpy rabbit but you get the point.

He is a very handsome rabbit, though.

I am digging it. He is like a death metal bunny.

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wow, this rabbit is cute af

I love this, @jplaughing, I think you captured your rabbit well :) You definitely nailed their expression well :)