Crab on the wall.

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Let me express my deepest love to all my readers on this blockchain even as the world goes through this season of a pandemic. May the day bring us so much joy and greater milestones. This is such an incredible artwork l could not just walk away from my sight at first. Earlier l thought this was real until l got closer to see it is just an artwork. People are so talented to put images into a form that makes them so real.

I visited a friend and this was what l found at his house when in the living room. It is such a pretty artwork that calls for quick attention when see. I imagine how people who fear crab will respond to this when it is seen. I really enjoyed the beauty, especially how it appears on the wall.




 photo credit; Huawei mate 9

These are the various images l took about this artwork l identified. It seems just like a crawling crab but it isn't moving. The color is so pretty to attract and looks certainly natural. But this isn't a live crab. It is just artwork made on the wall. This is what l share today with you even as the week begins.
Please stay safe everyone.