AskLeo - How Many of The Current Cryptos Will Make it For The Next Decade?

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It's been over four years since that epic bull market we've had in crypto and there are chances that these times are over. The mass adoption process for Bitcoin and crypto is almost palpable, but we don't have these exponential gains across the board as we used to.

I still remember how I got myself burned with NXT back in late 2017. I had bought it at $0.80, sold at $1.5 just a few days after and rebought at $1.9 just to see it crash back to a few cents. It's been my worst trade ever.

I just had a look over the charts of some random cryptos and we're not on the same boat anymore. For long time we have been talking of a decoupling from certain altcoin projects that have real life use cases and others that are delivering shit.

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One such example is NXT. This thing is flat as hell, the only price movements it has being probably caused by traders and it doesn't look like moving anywhere... HIVE on the other hand, Polygon and Ethereum are in another league. These are the amazons and googles of the dotcom bubble.

Such projects will be around here in ten years from now as well, but my take is that many of the total altcoins we currently have listed on exchanges are going to be washed away... The churning process is real and it's happening as we speak.

What do you think, how many of the current cryptos will make it for the next decade? Which ones do you think will still be around here and which ones aren't?

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