Cable Beach Broome!

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Perhaps one of the most well known and most photographed beaches in Australia, Cable beach in Broome is known for it's picturesque white sand that gives way to beautiful, warm turquoise waters.


Cable beach possesses another factor that helps with it's popularity in that the sand in almost all parts of the beach is quite compacted, allowing any cars to drive onto and along the beach. No 4WD required.

Cable beach stretches some 17km along the coast of Broome and a very large portion of it is designated nude beach. Whilst it is still frequented by families and other groups you are bound to see the occasional nudist or naturist, even in the busier spots. Being so long Cable beach is also considered one of the longest nude beaches in Australia and possibly the world.


The only downside to the beauty is the popularity and every day at around 4pm (tide permitting) the beach becomes filled with people and their cars, set up to get their own personal view of the sunset. During tourist season (now) that means that it is less of a private view and more of a carpark with a view. You can still drive further down from the crowds and find a nice private spot but expect to do a few kilometres.

Every afternoon at sunset the camel tours walk along the beach and create the perfect opportunity to score a pic of the sunset with a line of camel silhouettes.
I took a nice hour and a half long timelapse of the sunset over cable beach but it was ruined midway through were our dog Sassy runs down into the middle of the shot and takes a shit, so, cheers Sassy.


Since our transmission is gone on our car and we are stuck here we are looking for accommodation and jobs so I suppose we should have plenty of opportunity to explore Broome more. Cable beach is just one of the many beautiful parts of the coast in Broome and others like Gantheaume point, while less famous have their own attractions. Including fossilized dinosaur footprints and skeletons that can only be reached on certain tides.


Sassy loves Cable beach in particularly though because it is designated safe from crocodiles and sharks so we can let her swim and play care free. Absolutely loves the beach and swims better than I do.



Oops, I hope you can get your car sorted soon

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