"Buy AVAX", new online 420DAO proposal

in #avax7 days ago

Avalanche has been chosen as one of the best blockchain projects, to run the 420DAO.
This proposal is to spend 16,000 USD from our USDC160,000+ 420DAO treasury to buy AVAX when it is below $40 ( $28 this morning)
These AVAX will be at stake for at least six months. The 420 DAO do not need liquidity at the moment, so we can stake these AVAX for at least 6 months.
After six months, they will be sold when price reach $100 again or at the market price after 1 year.
Another proposal can give more details how the AVAX stake will be sold or hold, later.
One team of the 420DAO dev team can be in charge to create an account, to buy the AVAX and to stake them.
Address of our new AVAX treasury account will be made public in the telegram group, so members can verify transactions made by this account.


buy avax.JPG

Vote now at https://snapshot.org/#/420daorg.eth