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RE: Growing an Avocado Tree: Is it Possible at Home?

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Nice job. We have done some avocado spoutlings as well, but never gotten a full size tree to grow...but our temps are a bit cool for avocados. I have a friend with a huge, producing tree. They're huge, you know. ;)


Oh, the temperatures here are way too cool. I think it has enjoyed being outdoors lately since we've been pretty warm, but I'll have to bring them inside within the next month as the evening temperatures start to dip.

I suppose I'll just have to keep my tree trimmed back so it won't be gigantic, haha. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks for the comment!

The avocado trees that grow around here grow more toward the tropical areas where the weather is in the 80-90s every day. Too hot for us! We prefer our year round 70s! :) We are about to make a quick visit back to the States and our bodies might go into shock if it's too hot or too cold! Lol!