Flower Photography

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Picture taken by mustard flower.Mustard flower is a popular and natural flower through which people benefit a lot. Mustard oil is made from there. Mustard oil is made from it. Pure oil is made with pure mustard through various processes. A main ingredient that is very good and beautiful in Bangladesh.Mustard is not only swollen in my body, it is also oiled with mustard and the benefits of pure mustard oil are that people consume mustard oil and use it for various purposes.People use mustard flowers to make a variety of things, such as fried eggs with mustard flowers and mustard greens, which is a very popular food in Bangladesh and our local village mustard greens Well conventional.


Mustard flower which is a popular and well known flower in our country. It is yellow in color and has more different colors of mustard flower. We have all seen it The celebration of yellow is a branch of green Bangladesh goes well for us.In our rural areas, people make oil with this mustard. It is called pure mustard oil. Mustard oil is used for various purposes like snake bites and is not used for various purposes. It is used to cook various vegetables with oil and with mustard flowers. Eggs are fried and mustard is used for various purposes.


Here are some pictures of small mustard flowers and mustard is very small in size. We all know this and mustard flower is not a big one. Mustard is useful for us in various ways.There is not much to say about mustard flowers. We all know this very well and how useful it is and what happens with it.It is oil and it is made in a company by refinery or someone does it at home. In rural areas we know that mustard oil is applied at home and it is called pure mustard oil. It is a beneficial fruit and flower for us.


Finally a picture of a mustard flower garden was taken which we took pictures of ourselves and why Harisava is so much fun to take pictures because there is no shortage of flowers and there are bees to collect honey and in the middle of each flower there is a very beautiful scene. It is more common in rural areas and there is not much to say about the body as we all know well about the family. Sharishaful is an important flower of ours and it bears fruit. This fruit is refined and made into oil in the company. It is called mustard oil Is what farmers do.So finally I want to say that when we go to the mustard garden we took some pictures from different angles and from there I posted some good pictures here and I hope to come back with different types of posts. I hope I finished today's post.