Master Banner Post (9/27/2020)

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This is my Hive Banner post for my creative HIVE account (@pibara). I also have a tech account @mattockfs that I use mainly for HIVE development related stuff. Check out that account for more info.

My Fiction

I started writing fiction in December 2013 when visiting Benin Republic in West Africa. Inspired by the heat, the ambiance, and the busy little ants around and sometimes in our apartment, the fact that all technology I had with me was a mobile phone couldn't stop the creative juices from flowing, or rather, exploding out into my first novelette, Orussian Quarantine. After my first novelette, a second one came and then almost a third. But then, through circumstances, I abandoned writing for quite a while.

But then, in 2017, I found HIVE (then still called STEEM) and was intrigued. The amazing community inspired me to start writing again, first a series of short stories set in the world I had thought out for my third unfinished novelette.

Ragnarok Conspiracy

With the amazing support of the HIVE (then STEEM) community I was able to turn my unfinished novelette into the HIVE-first-published full sized novel Ragnarok Conspiracy. I used much of the crypto coins I earned posting my chapters on paying it forward in a way that allowed my to publish my first novel. I ran competitions with prizes that basically crowdsourced editing of my novel to the HIVE (then STEEM) community, and after a competition, hired the amazingly talented @marylucy to make illustrations. Later, @marylucy helped me finding a translator and again with money I had made from posting my work on HIVE, I funded a Spanish translation of my work.

Both the original English edition and the Spanish translation are available on Amazon, Kobo, Play, iBooks, SmashWords, Bol, Barnes & Noble and Scribd.

Check here for buying options, or a free copy if you are a HIVE owner or are willing to write me a review.


My current project is Nutridiluvian. An omnibus of short stories inspired by the nutrition and health communities on social media. This project is currently slow moving because my main source of inspiration, nutrition Twitter has gone a bit preoccupied with virology at the moment.

I'll be posting new short stories from my @pibara account. Like Ragnarok Conspiracy, Nutridiluvian is going to be fully HIVE-first published.


It might be relevant to note that while on the main chain I'm just a small dolphin, not big enough to currate in an any way meaningful way, the same isn't true for the #creativecoin community on Creativecoin. I try to do a little manual curation when I have the time.

Silent Bob curation

In the time that HIVE was still named STEEM, I had a little creativecoin curation setup that I wrote myself called Silent Bob curation. I hope to soon set the same thing up again on HIVE. The setup though used a Python STEEM library I wrote myself that was made obsolete by a non-standard rate limiting implementation by Steemit INC. On my @mattockfs I am working on a rewrite of the old library, and as soon as its ready, I'll be making a new version of Silent Bob.

Data engineering (the odd one out)

Where the prime use of my @pibara account is creative subject, and the main use of my @mattockfs account is the software software development side of Python, particularly geared towards HIVE developers, I have other things I write about, often using my primary skill set on data from areas of science that fall outside of my own scope op expertise. I try looking from a data and causal inference side only at subjects like nutrition, suicide and heart disease. While I write about these subjects in Jupyter Notebook make blogs and use Python to do so, this use of python doesn't exactly map to the target audience of my development account @mattockfs. For that reason, my data blog currently also resides on @pibara. Its a bit of an odd one out, but I currently feel two accounts is more than enough.