10,000 BATTLE Tokens staked - What is BATTLE?

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Just as the title says, yesterday with my latest token claims, I have reached 10,000 BATTLE tokens staked on my @dudeontheweb account.


I found out about this token when one day I had a very small amount show up in my hive-engine wallet. I didn't really know what it was for or how I earned it or even what the token was about. I looked it up on the market and there really wasn't much of a price for it. So I wondered how do you earn this token besides buying it on the open market? I found out that just using the #battle hashtag in your posts will do the trick, pretty much like most other hashtags like #proofofbrain or #splinterlands.

So I did a little bit of digging into what this battle token was about.

Battle Games NFTs Home Page

Battle games NFT's looks to be a community that are crypto, gaming and NFT enthusiasts that mint their own branded NFT collectibles.

Who We Are. Since our inception in 2018 Battlegames has remained a loose knit community of crypto enthusiasts with roots in Blockchain Gaming and Digital Collectible NFT’s.

Battle Games NFTs - Our Story

Then after a little more digging I discovered their social page.

Battle Games NFT's - Social

After clicking the link to their "Social Hub" I was greeted with their version of condenser running with it geared to the BATTLE token.

Battle Games NFT's Social Hub

Basically anyone with any knowledge of hive.blog can navigate and interact with Battle Games NFTs social hub.

So after doing a quick look over of the site and social hub I decided to go on the open market and buy some BATTLE and stake it. At the time I purchased approximately 8000 BATTLE about a month ago and immediately staked it all. At the time the price was really inexpensive to grab it. And in the month since I've had my BATTLE tokens the price has gone up, albeit small gains, but going in the right direction. (Not financial advice! This is just my experience.)

Joining their discord server, it does look a bit inactive. But hopefully it will pick up.

And I have been noticing that the #battle hashtag has been popping up in various splinterlands posts across Hive so it seem authors do know about BATTLE. As usage numbers go, I have no clue and this is just a purely anecdotal observation.

In conclusion this is just a quick run down of BATTLE and the site behind it. I will continue to use the #battle hashtag in my posts and if you produce gaming, blockhain or nft content, you might want to look into adding it to your posts. I encourage you to take a closer look at Battle Games NFTs for yourself. (Not financial advice! This is just my experience.)



I often wonder where all these tokens come from in my Hive Engine wallet. But most of the time that's where I stop. Just checked and I actually have 5 Battle tokens myself 🤣.

Please keep these info posts coming!

Nice post!
I've also been staking all the BATTLE that I have received on HIVE, curious to see where this will go.







@dudeontheweb, you've been given LUV from @freeztag.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (2/3)