Bitcoin Cash on the Rise! - Why is BCH Going Up? - Bitcoin Cash BCH CryptoCurrency

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Bitcoin Cash is on the rise today! Why is BCH going up? Bitcoin Cash BCH CryptoCurrency!

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I'm hoping the market well stay down until we all get our tax refunds! 🤑

There’s millions thinking just like you. I can’t wait!

Unlikely, even the so called "experts" can't predict the market. But cross your fingers, because after the Chinese New Year is over, the price of Bitcoin may sky rocket.

dont count on it, th 16th the chinese newyear will be over and i expect moonshot close after the 16th of februari.

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man its so boring when binance is down i bet u guys are bored too lol

It's back up... has been for about 15 hours...

I just bought some BCH on GDAX. Checked out a couple other articles and it seems like its on the upswing.

And what about Ripple... I thought we would be seeing everything going down... but it's on the rise! The highest we've seen it in a while...

Love my XRP! :-) Thanks to CCN for all the awesome vids!

Agree... I can't wait to see what it does once we move out of this "low period". Bring on Q2!!

Hoping it goes back down to $6,000 so i can buy.

Originally I was brought here, because I had the chance to win some Bitcoin. But I have already lost that desire, now I marinate in this fountain of knowledge in this crypto wild west.

But for those who received Bitcoin from the cyrpto Gods, how did you receive it? Did you leave your BTC address in your profile? Or how did Zach ask you for an address.

I believe much was the recent increased publicity... Alex Jones show I believe..

Thank you for telling me about this platform. First day using it and it seems great thanks and love the videos.

It’s ticking 9000.00 while I watch this. I’m sure we’re not ready to go to 500000.00 yet but I’m enjoying the bull.

Only just clicked who the Winklevoss twins are.

In all honesty I'm not too fond of Bitcoin Cash but glad to see some people are actually making money with it.

Also quick note I started writing a few articles on steemit on hashflare and would love some feedback if anyone has the time I would really appreciate it. ^^

I been trying to grasp the concept of forking.

Great video lots of good info!!!

I do believe that Litecoin is getting ready to surge. LitePay is the way!!!

I hope to see more growth with Litecoin. It's been surround with so much FUD ever since Charlie sold all his LTC. I hope to see it to new all time high.

ETH and LTC for the win!

I watched this yesterday, I was also wondering why the price was surging in such a way. I have to be honest, I totally missed out on this ride lol.

I think the whales are pumping BCH to get people to jump in and buy it and then they are going to pull out and take everyone's money. I don't this it will stay up that high for long. It will see a correction soon.

I also find it weird how it was up almost over 20%. Definitely see either a dump or a huge correction soon.

Bitcoin will always be top dog imo

Still waiting for all my altcoins to recover, what do you guys think of binance maintenance?

With the Chinese new year ending soon, the tax bill here in the United States and Tax returns this year people will start buying more coins. The overall Marketcap may hit 800 Billion this year!

More great info thank you.

TRX will be top 10 by the end of June! Mark my words! XRP will settle around $2.5-3.5. XLM is not doing great as of now, but should be up to $1 by the end of Feb.! These are just my thoughts!

Wanchain release will mark the true coming of the bull

Great informative videos as always.. I hope the market stays down for a while until my bank transfer comes thru and i can invest a bit more on neo and ripple