Photo taken on a flat ground tea garden

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The first picture I gave is of a flat ground tea garden where a man is watering the tea garden we all see and the tea leaves are repaired import-export it is we all know very well what is made of tea leaves of course we know So I want to elaborate on this today.Tea leaves Effectiveness in tea leaves It is used to make tea and is eaten in different ways Tea is made by machines and refineries which are imported and exported in the country and abroad. Many farmers, workers and many people earn their livelihood through these tea leaves. The tea leaves are used in our daily work.And this Chad earns a lot of money. Tea leaves are exported not only in the country but also abroad through which they earn foreign exchange.


This time the picture I have taken is of a very large plain tea garden with tea gardens with different people and many people working with different kinds of work to bring tea leaves.Tea leaves are useful in people's daily lives because we all like to have tea in the morning and afternoon at any time.It has also become a habit of ours to drink tea. It is not good to have a headache.It doesn't look like anything will happen again on this hilly land because it has been planted with sloping tea called plain tea garden and many people make a living with this tea garden. We get a lot of happiness and foreign exchange for this tea garden.So I would say that because of this tea garden we earn a lot of foreign currency and a lot of people make a living.


This time the picture I gave is also a picture taken of the tea garden and just a picture of the tea trees. I went to visit this tea garden with some of my friends and had a lot of fun there and took pictures and thought a lot about it. Gone and some of the very old trees that we see are usually new tea gardens that are new but not so old and not so much bone. These are the people who make a living through tea gardens and different people are engaged in different activities. On the ground we are fascinated and the plains tea garden is a well-known garden organic tea found here.


Finally, I would like to say that this is a picture of a tree. It is just a very old tree that we do not usually see. It has been around for more than fifty years.This tea is made into tea leaves and tea leaves are used to make tea with different crafts and I eat that skin and in different countries We earn foreign exchange and many people make a living from this tea garden. It is a very good farming and crop. It is important and necessary for us to plant it.