Finiding Motivations/Inspirations During Hard Times

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Evening Hivians

The covid pandemic has been disturbing and stressful to many people. The fear and anxiety about the surrounding uncertainty can get overwhelming some times and it is normal to feel distress. We humans are social animals, and while the public safety measures like social distancing and lock-down are may be effective in containing the pandemic, but these very measures make us feel more lonely thereby increasing the stress and anxiety levels.

It is so easy(and actually normal) to nose dive into depression, but the important thing is to quickly shrug off these negative feelings and try to keep our heads up. And the best way to do so is to keep looking for motivators around us.

I speak as a person who has spent last 4 months of his life, contained in a 1/2 km radius and have experienced the amalgam of all possible human emotions. But I keep my eyes open for motivations and inspirations around me. Inspirations don't need to be something grandiose, they can be as tiny as ants trying to sneak away the cubes from your sugar pot or ordinary as the wild crawlers in your lawn clinging to what ever they can find.

Few of my personal motivators that kept me moving last few months were my family, my cat, splinterlands and even mangoes.

So what are the motivations around you?

Do share with me!



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