Splinterlandsr Card Artwork Appreciation: Death Splinter

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Splinterlands Play to Earn Blockchain Based Game

The Game has four competing groups of Monsters and each has a theme

These groups of monsters are called Splinters

One such Splinter is called The Death Splinter

I think it is under appreciated as a strong splinter, but more importantly the beauty of the cards or monster card art


This is something I think players overlook in their zeal for battle, and drive to win matches, earn Dark Energy Crystals and stack Rating Points. It’s understandable, but the Artwork or Graphics is one of the important things about a game, and is part of the enjoyment of being a gamer.

First the Summoners

  • I think the Death Splinter has some of the most beautiful, artistic and in a good way Flambuoyant Artwork in the game.

  • These cards are colorful, bold and very nicely done.

First a warm Contessa


Then Flambuoyant Caped Owster


Then the Amazing Bold and Beautiful Mimosa Nightshade


Let’s move on to the actual: Death Monsters

These cards are also colorful, scary, and beautiful.

Poise and Balance, this one:


Beauty, Scary, Presence, perhaps these



Sheer Ferocity

I think it’s Undead Rex…


Stunning Visuals

Yes Venari Bonesmith is a classy monster in regal costume.


But the award for color and realism goes to Vampire


Enhanced Post Cover Shot:


Thise are my favorites to look at…how about you?

  • Which are your favorites?
  • Share in the comments below!
  • Pictures please!


Penned with my hand the 2nd of February 2022

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Hi @fjcalduch
I will take a look at your message.

The comment I would love to see:

Love the death splinter artwork. Nice work on improving the color on the Vampire card.