To The Horse 🐴🐴🐎 Track Once Again

in #beautifulsunday • 3 months ago

It was an interesting time there, it was legends day there


They had a spin a wheel thing


A clown 🤡🤡 making bloons for the kids


They had legendary horse racers signing autographs, I didn't get any, maybe I'll go back there later and get some


I placed a 2 dollar bet on the underdog horse on race 3, he came so close, ahh I would have won big time, oh well


here's a video of the start of the race, I put it on an app called Chingari, it's like TikTok but they pay in cryptocurrency 👍👍

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The clowns should be popular with the kids. Spin the wheel is probably the most common way to do a giveaway thing but the people seems not busy there.