Welcome to the Beer Quiz! 5 Hive to be won....

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Hello and welcome to my weekly #beerquiz. It's #beersaturday 274 and that means I have 10 more teasing questions related to the greatest drink in the world.

It's quiz No.15 and more of you great beer enthusiasts are joining in the fun every week. @friendlymoose proved he had what it takes to fight for the title of Brewmaster General. And although he was denied this prestigious title by @mypathtofire, I'm sure he will be wearing the crown in the not-to-distant future.

Who knows, this week's quiz might just unearth another newcomer to its arena, and who is to say I won't be presenting them with the prize...Let's find out...


It's time to get our quiz on!

Them's the Rules

As is now the rule, the person with the most correct answers will be rewarded with 5 Hive and the title of Brewmaster General.
You only get one attempt to submit your answers and any ninja edits will be disqualified. Answers will be scored on the following Friday to this post. If more than 2 participants answer all 10 questions correctly, the victory will be awarded to the person who entered their answers the soonest.
Please submit your answers in the comment section of this post.


Question 1

Beer is the third most consumed drink in the world, but what are the 2 most common drinks?

Question 2

According to the judge and jury, who was to blame for the London beer flood of 1814?

Question 3

The size of the world's largest beermat is a whopping 49.21ft (15 meters). Can you tell me which brewery holds the record for creating this monster mat?

Question 4

In 2021, how many liters of beer were sold worldwide? (Closest answer wins).

Question 5

According to Aristotle, in reference to the way we fall over, what is the difference between people who drink wine and people who drink beer?

Question 6

According to statistics, how many people are drunk right now? (closest answer wins)

Question 7

In the 1980s a beer-drinking goat was voted mayor of which US town? (Extra point for naming the goat)

Question 8

The term "rule of thumb" was coined by brewers due to their practice of sticking their thumb into the brew. Can you tell me why the brewer would stick his thumb into his ale?

Question 9

Where did beer get its name from?

Question 10

Which Babylonian ruler passed a law forbidding brewers to water down or tamper with beer under penalty of death?

That's all folks!

Before I go, I would just like to remind anyone who has stumbled upon this post that the #beersaturday community is just a click away. Please pop over and join the gang as we share our love for this wonderful drink. @detlev posts a weekly beer-related competition for anyone to join. You'll also find lots more entertainment within that post, like my quiz! So come and join the fun!!

All hail the ale!!!


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Thanks for sharing my quiz @mypathtofire. Enjoy a !BEER for your good deed


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