Winners post for #beersatirday quiz No.15

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Congratulations to @friendlymoose! You may now announce yourself at parties, work, and generally everywhere you go, as Brewmaster General. You, good sir, are the winner of my #beerquiz and 5 Hive is on its way to you 😃


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Let’s reveal the answers

Question 1

Beer is the third most consumed drink in the world, but what are the 2 most common drinks?


Water and Tea

Question 2

According to the judge and jury, who was to blame for the London beer flood of 1814?


An act of God

Question 3

The size of the world's largest beermat is a whopping 49.21ft (15 meters). Can you tell me which brewery holds the record for creating this monster mat?

Question 4

In 2021, how many liters of beer were sold worldwide? (Closest answer wins).


174.72 billion litres

Question 5

According to Aristotle, in reference to the way we fall over, what is the difference between people who drink wine and people who drink beer?


Beer drinkers fall on their back and wine drinker fall in every direction

Question 6

According to statistics, how many people are drunk right now?
(closest answer wins)


0.7% or 60 million people

Question 7

In the 1980s a beer-drinking goat was voted mayor of which US town? (Extra point for naming the goat)


Lajitas, Texas. And the goats name was Clay Henry.

Question 8

The term "rule of thumb" was coined by brewers due to their practice of sticking their thumb into the brew. Can you tell me why the brewer would stick his thumb into his ale?


To check whether the temperature was right for adding the yeast

Question 9

Where did beer get its name from?


*Latin biber "a drink, beverage". Although it could be Proto-Germanic beuwoz-, from beuwo- "barley."

Question 10

Which Babylonian ruler passed a law forbidding brewers to water down or tamper with beer under penalty of death?



That's all folks!

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All hail the ale!!!


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Congratulations @friendlymoose . You have dethroned me! 😅

You didn't even compete this time 😂

That must have been it then! lol

Snatched the crown while you were sleeping 😴🤣
By the way, very sorry for taking so long to send you last weeks prize money.

I needed to give him a chance! Thanks you so much for the prize, that is very kind of you. 🍺 !ALIVE

@article61! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @mypathtofire. (8/10)

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Thanks @article61!
I'm feeling very honoured having this title.

Let's not look at the number of contestants 😉

Thanks for your efforts putting this quiz together again.


A win is a win! And the records will always show you are a Brewmaster General. Thanks for joining in again and hopefully I can keep you coming back for more. I've got a busy day today so this week's quiz might not be posted until tomorrow so just keep your eyes peeled if you fancy having a go at retaining your title 😎

Hey @article61 I was the one that won this. Those answers are my answers, check again! @friendlymoose did not give those answers.

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Oh bugger! I totally missed your answers. My bad and sorry for the mistake. Looks like we have 2 winners this week. I’ll be sending you 5 Hive asap.

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Hi @arcange, I will take a look. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you, looking forward to getting your support for the proposal ⏳🙂

Support given. Hope the campaign works out, it looks promising 👍

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All you need to do is to click on the "support" button on this page.

Pretty sure I did but I’ll go back and double check when I get on the laptop tonight.

Hey @article61, here is a little bit of BEER from @friendlymoose for you. Enjoy it!

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