Peters Kölsch for a soccer evening

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A fresh Kölsch with a plopp

The Peters Kölsch comes in a nice bottle with such a connected bottle cap.


Hey Hive Family
let us enjoy the world again
best with a cold beer

TV and beer


Where is Peters Kölsch from

Sure - most of this style comes from Cologne

Peters Kölsch is a brand of the Haus Kölscher Brautradition GmbH group of companies within the Radeberger Group of the Oetker Group


On November 26, 1847, Peter Josef Peters received permission to brew beer in Monheim. Today, this date is listed as the official founding date of the brewery. However, there had already been a beer brewing tradition in Monheim since the year 1262, and this date can still be found on older Peters Kölsch bars. The company name was changed to "Monheimer Brauerei Peters & Bambeck" on January 1, 1965, and from October 1, 1999, the brewery operated under the name "Privatbrauerei Peters & Bambeck". The Kölsch in the brewing range of this Monheim brewery was marketed until 1965 under the then brand name Peters Echt Kölsch.

Text from and translated by @detlev and deepl

Bottle cap to reuse

I like this style of bottle cap as it reminds me to the well known Flensburger Pils


Tasting this beer

Overall a typical Kölsch and a bit more bitter as all the other Kölsch.

It taste well to the interesting soccer game.

Anyway, the beer doesn’t help the German team to win against Spain.


Let the better team win and delete this money dudes from FIFA.


Have a great day everybody
and let us travel the world again

pic by @detlev

Enjoy the #BeerSaturday
have 3 pics and a story
around beer - and go!

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Dear friend @detlev , I hadn't had a beer for a long time, but I couldn't resist the temptation to drink one of these international ones that my son gave me Heineken, watching a World Cup soccer game. Success in your publication, thank you for your continuous visits to my publications on Yoga.


Haven't knew about these facts of Peter Peters Kölsch before.

That's another Draw Game... Expected a better result tbh. !BEER !PIZZA !LUV

sieht nach mehr aus. 🍺🍺🍺 PROST

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Peters Kölsch ist gut besser ist Schreckenskammer Kölsch. Das wurde vor der Hinrichtung damals einem gegönnt und ist richtig gut. Mal probieren!

Soccer is always better with a good beer. And Spain / Germany was a good game.