Just a casual Sunday with some work and some beer.

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It’s already Monday, but I HAVE to share my unique Sunday experience.

My wife and my son went to see the grandparents in her hometown, so given the fact they are away, I have the opportunity to keep up with my work from the second job, I got a couple of months ago. When my family is around, I cannot stay away from them and work extra hours when I go back home.... just can’t!

So my decision was to visit one of the local convenience stores and buy some vegetables and some liquor to accompany them. My surprise was when I saw, that in LIDL(yes, I went there, but it’s not an AD 😆) there were some new and interesting new beer choices.

A crafted IPA! Sounded interesting to me. I’m always curious about these new beers, which are cheap, but pretend to be something more than the other commercial ones.

What a better opportunity than grabbing some and go home working. After all they were about $1 a bottle. Well, it is a 330ml bottle, but if the beer was good enough, I would be very happy and forgiving.


So... let’s have some work done! But first of all... get a glass and have a relaxing sip.


The color is not like a traditional IPA color. It’s still in the style characteristics, although on the limit, but still there. Some caramel like hues, which are due to addition of special malts. I’m not very fond of this. My favorite IPA is with a “poor” grain bill. Only light and pale malts, nothing special, just a plain profile, no biscuits, no caramel, just a light body, making these hops stay at the spotlight.

Aroma is very nice and there are definitely more hops than a traditional crafted, commercial IPA. Some dark fruits and flowery note on the front. Maybe if there were no caramel-like notes fruits were going to be fresher. After all, definitely a surprise about the quantity of hippiness, which boosted my happiness.


Overall, a very good beer. Although not so cheap like the traditional, commercial IPAs, but definitely hoppier than them. I would definitely consider buying one again, but most of the time I will probably stick to the cheaper IPAs in bigger cans like the Zagora IPA.

I was really curious where was this beer made, but there was no information on the label. It was a bit strange, but probably it’s not the company’s policy to share this info about their brand products. They say only “CRAFTED FOR LIDL” and that’s all.

So... Have a nice evening and cheers!

P.S. 2
I did a pretty good job about keeping up with my tasks. Definitely a good Sunday evening!