Really Tasty Green Apple Hard Cider

in #beer10 months ago


Was super grateful to receive a couple of these. So very refreshing crisp and sweet.


If your not a fan of sweet it may be a bit to sweet for you. However I far prefer the sweet ciders to the dry ones. So for me it’s great.


Far more refreshing than a beer IMO. I thoroughly enjoyed it 🍻

Gonna make some more, haven’t made any in a while and have plenty of apples!



I'm just getting into homebrewing cider. Can you post some detail about your process please?

Ya next time I make a batch I will make some vids!

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Ya hive is corrupt unfortunately
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Apple cider is good for health, isn't it?

If it’s organic unfiltered and unpasteurized then yes it’s quite healthy indeed!

If not Is definitely healthier than a Coors light that’s for sure!

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