Beer Saturday From Hawaii (with tacos)


Aloha Beer Lovers

I was just thinking about making a #weedcash post about the importance of males in the perpetuation of a species. (Look for that one soon;)

I open HIVE and find @detlev reminding me about the awesome #beer community that I have been honored to be a part of.


It is Saturday and I just happened to be enjoying some great Hawaiian beer.


This Brut was not my favorite, but the Gold Coast IPA pictured in the glass is a great beer.

This week of #BeerSaturday, I like to invite @doitvoluntarily to write a post about beer with min. 3 pics in any language.

I have so much love for all my friends here.

You’ve been a pillar of strength and sanity in a time of turmoil.

My big shake up came a little earlier than 2020, (June 29, 2015 #FTP)
We are ALL now experiencing a major change. It’s truly good for us. We could not continue on the path we were on. We will rise above the lies & #choosefreedom


I dont drink much beer these days, but that is a good one. I was really stoked the other day to find Pliny The Elder in my local grocery store! You familiar with Russian River Brewing Company?

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I’m trying to drink less myself. Trying to focus on my health, take personal responsibility for my own well-being, like every one should.

I haven’t heard of that brewery. Nor-Cal I’m guessing…. I’ll keep an eye out for it when I’m back over there.

Is it an IPA?

yeah it is an IPA. I believe they only make it during a certain season, and in limited quantities. Heard great things, we will see. I prefer wine over beer ;)

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