Hard Cider Tasting

Sometimes you just need to escape reality and take a quick vacation to relax the mind and recharge the soul. I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions lately so I needed to take another trip before I went mad.

We ended up heading north where the air is cleaner and things just move at a slower pace. I honestly could see myself living up here. There’s just something about the people, places and a way of life that’s appealing.

We were looking for a lunch spot and ended up spotting a small cider producer on the side of the road. They had a food truck that offered some local michigan favorites like pasties (meat pie). They also featured locally grown hard ciders that all looked and sounded delicious.


I’m a huge fan of flights since it allows you to sample more beers or coders in this case. The portions are good for the money and you end up drinking about 2 pints which is perfect for a meal.

Being that it’s was a Sunday we were the only customers for a while. It’s was actually really nice the bar tender and food truck owner were very attentive. We got to pick where ever we wanted to hang out and we opted for the best view in the house. The cider house was located on the top of the rolling hills so you could see for like. It was like a sea of apple and cherry trees. It was so peaceful we ended up hanging out there for a few hours.


The ciders I got were all fresh and delicious. Some features other ingredients like strawberries, cinnamon and even some hops. Yes, they dry hopped cider which is a beer brewing technique that ass great herbal earthy pine and bitter notes.


After hanging out we picked up a variety pack of cans to go and set off to find a local beach to go Petoskey Stone hunting. I found two little stones which are kind of rare so that was exciting.

Even though it was a short trip it was just what the doctor ordered. I feel more relaxed and ready to take the rest of the week.


Sounds like it was a great trip! Those ciders look really good! I hear what you are saying about moving up there. I just saw a job opening in Munising and I asked my wife if she wanted to move, she said "let's go". I don't think I would want to be that far up North. One of those houses on the hill off Mitchell St. in Petoskey would be cool...

I think hive would need to be $100/coin for me to afford a place up there lol. It's very nice and I'm lucky that my in laws have a cabin in traverse city. I'd consider moving up there, but my wife wants to leave it as a vacation home as she points out if you live up there it looses that relaxing atmosphere.

I totally agree with that. If you are there all the time it is much less special. My wife and I haven't been there in forever. We really need to get back up there when all of this Covid stuff is over. Apache Trout Grill is calling my name!

I’ve not been there. I’m a 7 monks kind of guy. Their burgers with a nice craft beer is perfection.

I have never tried there. Is it downtown? We usually don't spend a ton of time downtown except to visit the popcorn shop which is sad I know 😀. Apache Trout has some good food. We try to go there at least once each time we visit.

Yeah it’s on the west end of downtown. It’s about a 5 min walk from the popcorn shop for reference.

Sounds like a great place!!

It's a great hidden gem.

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