Beersaturday art and a nice Hoppy blond.

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After my wife decided to draw something, after a long pause, I decided to take some fancy photos of my daily beer. Well, this time I grabbed a hoppy blond from a commercial brewery here in Bulgaria. I may have tried this one before, and this time I thought that a $1 beer will be a good pick!


To be honest, I like the commercial lager of the Britos brewery, and it is even cheaper, at about $0,5 per 500ml, so this one should be really hoppy. Giving it a try, you really taste the additional taste and this makes you smile. Why won’t you, given the fact that you just had a $1 hoppy beer! And yes, the body is somewhat weaker, so the beer is perfect for the upcoming summer days. It would be absolutely refreshing shot and I see myself having a couple of these in weekend days.


The beer looks brilliant in the glass. Light yellow, amberish hints and perfectly clear. After all this is a filtered commercial beer and it would be strange if it was hazy.


So far, so good! I think it’s enough for today. Keep calm and have a nice beer, because good times are coming.
Cheers for #beersaturday !


I just love a BLOND!! LOL

Blondes are the best! 😆

Cheap beer that is good! that's not normally how this works. I have a few go to more commercial beers, but I can't get anything close that price. We have a beer called locals light which is about $1.05 and it's pretty darn good.

I wonder how these companies achieve to make a beer so cheap and at the same time tasty and without major flaws. Maybe they use cheaper products to brew... Anyway, I’m happy with the product.

It’s all about scale of economy. If you buy more ingredients you can ask push your suppliers to give it to at a lower cost. They also have a high level of automation and standardization also drive down cost.

now that is cheap for a beer, and one that is well made which is a huge bonus

Yup! I am happy with such beers around, especially at that price.

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