One of the beers that has a special place in my memories.

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I cannot say it’s a something extraordinary. I cannot say it’s a brilliant brew. It’s not connected to a special moment in my life. I just remember it and like buying it again and again.


Yup, it’s the OLD GOLDEN HEN. And the thing that makes me buy it again and again is the great balanced hopping with Galaxy hop variety.

As I know Galaxy is a pretty expensive variety and it’s mostly because the species comes from New Zealand. Thus, until it comes to Europe, it’s price grows steadily and nice!

The beer itself is “Craft” by the label, but I really think it’s from the commercial “craft” breweries. This does not mean it’s not worthy. It’s amazing every single time, I decide to have a bottle of it.


The first time to taste it was when a cousin of mine brought a bottle for my birthday. It was maybe 3 or 4 years ago but I still remember the Galaxy hops aroma.

In the aroma tropical fruits dominate and there’s a hint of blackcurrants. When the beer is in your mouth some mango presence is also noticed. The finish is clean and hoppy. Malts are not very well expressed, the body is lighter, which makes the beer very refreshing.


The only drawback was that I had only one bottle, while both I and my wife were thirsty for a nice beer. Luckily, the bottle is not 330 ml. 500 is still quite not enough for a thirsty throat, but it was right on spot after a busy workday.

I must admit the Galaxy is absolutely one of my all time favorite hop varieties and given the fact it’s a rare one makes it even more desirable. Together with Citra and Sorachi Ace is on the top of my hop chart. I’m happy too, that from time to time this beer is available in my local shops for a very reasonable price. This bottle was about $1,5, which makes it a bit pricier than the premium Bulgarian commercial beers and still a bit cheaper than real craft beers, which makes it a very suitable choice among the beer market here.


So what’s your experience with different hop varieties? Do you have a favorite one? I’ll be happy to hear your opinion.

See you soon, Cheers and have a nice #beersaturday!


As an Australian I'm going to have to claim that Galaxy is an Australian hop that is also grown in New Zealand not a New Zealand hop...... but they can have Russell Crowe back if they want.

Well, that’s something interesting, because found info in several places about galaxy being a NZ hops. Thanks for your info here!

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Looks like a great !BEER
Perhaps I should try Galaxy hops in one of my home brews!!

I think you really have a great opportunity to try this exact variety!