The REEPER’s girl. IPA on the commercial scene.

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Well, this is another beer of commercial scale that I have tried.


I bought this one from a big supermarket (Kaufland) and again was not sure what to expect. As I recall it’s price was about $1,5 per 500 ml can, and from a commercial brewery, it’s not the most expensive, nor the cheapest. I would say - average priced one.

The packaging, as you can see is very colorful, but this doesn’t mean the product inside is worthy. Of course the good marketing is the thing that can make you want and buy a certain product and the quality comes next. Of course the second time you see this exact one, you will know for sure, but not the case now.

Even it’s colorful, I would say it’s not something extraordinary about the design and you can be sure this is not a craft beer. I don’t know why, but most of the commercial breweries cannot make good labels for their “special” and “craft” beers.


The beer itself looks very good. Makes sufficient head and it’s a lasting one. Color is golden and the beer is perfectly clear, I assume it is filtered, given the fact it comes from a commercial brewery.

The aroma? Definitely fresh, a bit flowery, a bit fruity, but nothing strong and unforgettable like a proper craft IPA. There are definitely some additional hops inside and this makes the price a bit more adequate.

The taste? It follows the aroma trendline. Beer itself is not thick. Definitely refreshing and the additional hops are very well expressed. Generally some fruity notes in the company of flower ones. Bitterness is on an average level, going towards low. This is really not characteristic for an appropriate IPA.


The final verdict? Generally a good beer, though I cannot say better than the other commercial beers, because it is said to be in a different style. Slightly off the style, stated on the can, I would say the beer is closer to American Pale Ale. There are cheaper examples in our market for about half the price, so I would probably stick to Zagora IPA, which I reviewed some weeks ago.

So... Stay calm, stay safe and have a nice beer!


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