Bees Rock!

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I got a thing for bees. I love how hard they work for a common goal. Even solitary bees like the leafcutters and masons, though really in it for themselves, will work alongside colonizing bees to help pollinate the surrounding fauna. This one stopped for a salty snack on my brined skin after I got done mowing the yard 😜

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Baby bee 😊 who doesnt love bees ?

I love bees too and especially be bums :D


You are one with nature oh balanced one.

I'm a "Bee Lover" Myself!
Yep, if they know your cool -
they land right in you. I don't know about wasps and asps, though I have had hornets hanging around. Honey bees sometimes get to be like flies..
Just hanging around.. Landing from time to time, but no stings!
Of course, "none of this happens if there is another person present"...
Have a Great Week!

Ha! You should check out @solominer, he raises masons I believe and has some neat videos.

I have I believe,
He is 3D printing the
little "Hive Houses" I
Have a Great Eve.

@leaman hah yep sure did! They worked real well too. I plan on using them again next season.

I thought so!
Great Job, BTW!!!
I would use them again as well,
I "know" 3D printing takes "awhile",
if you have already invested the time once...
Wish You An Awesome Day!

Thanks alot my friend @whangster79 made them for me. He did a great job.

Yup planning on using them for many years to come.

Yes, they looked pretty nice, and I would too!
You have an Awesome Sunday!
(*thanks for all the upvotes, I'll be getting back to You 👍🏼😁👍🏼!!!)