Any government which loses legitimacy in the eyes of the people is trembling for a fall.

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Joe Biden is a usurper who has been installed in the White House by election fraud on a massive scale and kept there by the absolute power of the corrupt and compromised Supreme Court of the United States. I’ll give a big sigh and once again rehash my reasons why I believe, and why you, jury-persons of the court of public opinion, should also believe, that Joe Biden did not really win a free and fair election on November 3, 2020.

Barack Obama set a record for the most votes ever given to a president seeking a second term, 69 million. Trump broke that record by getting 74 million votes (OFFICIALLY, not counting destroyed and misallocated ballots!). Both Obama and Trump achieved all the electoral victories that have ever re-elected every president in modern US history: victory in 18 of 19 bellwether counties, victory in Florida, Ohio and Iowa, leading his party to more seats in the House of Representatives. Obama won in 873 counties, Trump won in 2497 counties. Biden lost all of these victories; he won in only 477 counties, in only 1 bellwether county, he lost Florida, Ohio and Iowa, the Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives. Yet we are all supposed to believe Joe Biden got 81 million votes?

Trump made electoral history by waging the most vigorous campaign to have been seen in living memory. He packed stadiums with enthused supporters all over the nation in rally after rally right up till the day before the election. Joe Biden hid in his basement and the few times he even gave an interview on Skype his bumbling, rambling and incoherent drivel was a pitiful embarrassment. He did break Hillary Clinton’s campaign record for a contemptible campaign. It’s possible to believe he also would have collapsed in public like she did if they they had let him out of his basement more often. Yet we are supposed to believe Joe Biden was more popular than Trump and even Barack Obama.

All this is aside from the election fraud evidence which was overwhelming. The forensic technical evidence that the voting machines defrauded the voters was well attested by experts. Hundreds of people gave sworn eye-witness testimony and affidavits before committees from the state legislatures of Michigan, Georgia and Arizona swearing that they personally witnessed election fraud. These brave people suffered job loss, death threats, threats to their families and kids and ostracism in their communities to step forward to uphold the law and the constitution of the USA.

But none of that mattered because the totalitarians who wanted Trump gone had found the fatal flaw in the US constitution, namely the absolute power of the US Supreme Court. The petition to SCOTUS of almost half of the states of the Union, led by Texas, was simply ignored by the Supreme Court as were every lawsuit and all the evidence and affidavits proving fraud. The SCOTUS virtually passed the buck to Congress. On January 6 the House was debating whether to hear the evidence of election fraud when it was interrupted by a plainly staged “invasion” of the Capital by so-called Trump supporters who were ushered into the Capital Building by Capital Police, as numerous videos plainly show.

The absolute power of the Supreme Court of the US made the US Civil War inevitable in 1857 by the Dred Scott decision which made it impossible for free states and territories to exclude slavery except by force of arms. The Supreme Court of the US in 2021 made it impossible to restore civil peace and free and fair elections except by force of arms.

Civil peace is now being ripped down with the connivance of Democrat mayors and District Attorneys by trained and armed insurrectionists called Antifa and BLM in every major city. These revolutionaries are fanatically determined to upend and destroy the United States. The District Attorneys of LA, Chicago, Portland, New York City, Minneapolis and other US cities now under siege are all destroying law enforcement and letting criminals and insurrectionists out of jail; these DA’s were installed by George Soros, the man who told the 2017 Davos conference that Trump would be gone in 2020. Trump supporters are being hunted down and persecuted by the FBI. Some 30 people accused of invading the Capital are in solitary confinement in Washington. At least two of them have been beaten by prison guards. One of them may lose his right eye. The White House and Capitol Building is surrounded by razor wire-topped fences manned by soldiers. The US/Mexico border is being inundated by trafficked people, children and drugs with the connivance of the Biden administration. The United States is breaking apart, literally, as Red states struggle to defy the federal so-called government. Any government which loses legitimacy in the eyes of the people is trembling for a fall. The government of the USA will not be an exception to that law of history.