Happy birthday to me! Let’s celebrate and see what was the last year like!

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Well, I’m already 32 and what a year this was. I saw a lot of positive things and some pretty bad things as well. But let’s see what really happened.

The bad thing first? They aren’t that much, so I’ll be shady here. The saddest moment of the year was for sure the loss of my father. He had a disease of his immune system which he fought for almost 15 years and in October his time came. The disease won its game. I really wasn’t in mood for quite some time and I really miss him a lot. Although we weren’t talking that much to each other we were very close and first months after his loss I wasn’t myself. It’s still quite empty, where he used to be, but we are coping with the situation better now.

The other thing was that I and my family went through the COVID situation, but luckily this passed with more worries, rather than real symptoms. Our children even went through this really quick with almost no symptoms. And here the bad things end. Let’s proceed with all the great things that happened.

First of all, I made one my dreams for the last one or two years come true. I bought this nice Hyundai SUV that suits my family very well.


And I managed to sell my old ride for a pretty reasonable price. I will miss my Honda Accord much, because my last 7 years were very related with this car. When I met my wife we travelled twice in eastern and Central Europe with that car and I also took my kids home from the hospital. So much happiness here!


Another great thing is that we travelled a lot, of course with the new ride. And more important than the financial side of the things is really all the emotions that we built together while traveling. The little guy was a little baby when we started going here and there.



We visited both beautiful mountains, green forests and seaside resorts.



And the little guy was just a little two month old baby when I started my 32nd year and now he is walking on his own. The time flies so quickly when we are having a good moments. And the two kiddows are my real happiness and my stimulus to continue giving everything to them. At least what’s up to me.


Of course the big brother does pretty well with his healthy development and although sometimes he is very nervous and unsure with a lot of new things for him that he has to cope with, but overall he is a pretty happy kid too.



He has his new ride too, although it’s not a motor vehicle. But bicycles are a lot of fun for the kids ultimately and he enjoys riding a real bike now. He is not that baby with three wheeler.


So the kids are really the reason for living and now I, as a parent, am very different from a year or two ago. I learned to be more patient and gentle with these little creatures. And at that age they are most adorable.


I love my family and I am really thankful to my wife too, for being with me during the hard situations around. For the following year, I’m hoping to have at least that much traveling as the last year’s. We really love traveling and having new experiences. I wish all of my family members to stay healthy and happy. I really cannot wish for much more.




Of course I hope to build my passive income faster so that traveling will become more “subsidized” 😂 Sometimes the things I worry the most are if I’m gonna be able to take care for my family, financially and mentally, but I hope only good times are ahead.


I’m very thankful for my hive fellows of course and now cannot imagine my everyday without Hive. Thanks a lot and let’s see a lot of happy years! Cheers!


Happy Birthday!!

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Thanks a lot!

Happy BDay @mdosev 🍻

Thank you a lot!

Happy birthday man, and very sorry that you lost your Dad. May he rest in peace 🙏 🙏

He was always there for me. I really miss him and hope that he is in a better place now. Thanks!

Thank you for stopping by and cheers!

Thanks a lot, team!

Hello @mdosev
Belated Happy Birthday!
You're a Cancerian like myself 😊
Congratulations on all your successes, and happy family.
I'm sorry to hear about your dad, and it's good to know that you're coping better with the loss, and that you are in a good place now.
Sorry I missed your post. Just saw it now while preparing my curation report.
All good wishes :)))

Thanks a lot! Yup, I’m a Cancer. My mother got me delivered in the great summer heat. 😁

Losses of close people are always tough, but a lot of good memories remain forever. It was a tough year, yet a very happy and dynamic one.


Happy birthday to you!
Despite the negative things that happened, I'm glad you still have a grateful heart.
Such a happy family, having a lot of adventures together!
Congrats on the new ride, and to your son's new ride too. He's a big boy riding that bike. 😅
Continue to enjoy life! 🍻

Thanks a lot! Life still continues and we all have to enjoy it, as much as we can!

Dam brotha, happy birthday. Im 37 now, so were close in age, youre still young bro. Sorry to hear about your pops, mine passed too 6 years ago, dam game of life.

Glad you got a new ride, and enjoying time with the family is 💯

Keep rockin. !LOL


Thanks a lot, man! Life is tough sometimes, but it still goes on. Cheers!

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You're happy man, @mdosev, wish you luck in the future, too.

Thanks a lot, man! I’m really happy!

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