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Leofinance interface is down again, thus I'm typing this post through the Peakd interface, but since it is a crypto post, I'm going to tag leofinance so it can be visible in the community.

Short question before we proceed: what do you talk with a smuggler that's been flying under the radar of law enforcement for all of his life?... Well, believe it or not, but it's Bitcoin. Or at least that's what I had as a brief talk with such a person.

I'm not friends with the guy, we meet through some common friends of mine during "coffee time" and the man was anxious about using the dark web... The only thing interfering between him and that open world full of drug dealers, weapons smugglers, and whatever you can find there, was his lack of knowledge in accessing it.

I don't have experience with such an environment either and frankly neither do I want to have any, but when he mentioned such a thing I first thought of Bitcoin... He heard of it but never used it, but according to his saying he would definitely buy some if able to trade it for whatever he finds worth buying from the dark web.


This post is not about criminals and Bitcoin being used by such individuals. It's a crypto post tackling the dilemma of whether we should wish for higher prices of crypto or more utility of such currencies.

Probably 90% of the individuals that are in crypto right now don't give a damn about Bitcoin's utility because all they're seeking through buying and selling of such currencies is making more of that juicy fiat. I was one of these as well... for a while.

Back in 2017 when I bought my first crypto the only thing I cared about was making money with it, however, providence had "something else in mind" with me in this regard and brought me to Hive where I learned and developed a strong appetite for the utility side of cryptocurrencies.

If I were to choose between a world where BTC would be worth $1 million, but with basically, no utility and another one where this coin would be quite stable at let's say $50,000 but with a lot more usability, I'd choose the second option.

I use crypto on a daily basis and I believe that utility would boost adoption and development much more than speculation and the higher prices involved in such speculation would. My fiat savings have devalued a lot over the past few months and as @trumpman has commented on a post of mine yesterday, we might be on the verge of a civilization collapse.

We might be in that position...

The world we currently live in is nothing but a house of cards built on speculation and debt. Crypto on the other hand can be seen as probably the only reliable way of truly owning your wealth. No one can steal your bitcoin if they don't know the keys to access it. Or you don't fall victim to scammers...

No one can do that with your Hive account either...

Plenty of so-called crypto heads, unfortunately, care much more about speculation(higher prices) than they do about utility. I chose the other camp, though. What about you?

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