Nope, the fundamentals have not changed.

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You may have seen the comments, videos and news reports on the web and/or TV telling us the fundamentals have changed for some reason or another. Usually they claim that because there's a recession, all cryptos, but Bitcoin in particular has failed.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

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  1. One unit of a crypto, be it Bitcoin, Hive, Ethereum, Lumen always be one unit of that crypto, and there will only be as many coins as the creators of the coin have set in the code of each blockchain.
  2. Decentralized currencies are like cash, but better. You can not stop them, nor can you reverse or change their recipient once they have been sent. Money is expression, and there is no censorship of free expression on sound money.
  3. It is your crypto, your money. (Remember: Your keys, your money. Not your keys, not your money. Don't store your crypto on exchanges or web-wallets, use a hardware-wallet, encrypted usb-sticks and memory cards, or a phone or paper wallet if you must!)
  4. Even if the price crashes, you can still use (send/receive) your crypto. This will not change.

The same fundamentals apply to every other cryptocurrency.

The only thing to worry about in crypto is centralization and losing community control to external parties like governments or corporations.

Choose wisely.


Yup! BTC is the best that’s why those in power want to control it!

So, are they centralised thses crypto or blockchain!? I think it's not going to happen, let's see how it goes afterwards.

Some blockchains are more centralized than others. There is a danger that Ethereum could be subject to a takeover now that it's moved to the PoS model. The majority stake of ETH (and power to govern it) is actually in the hands of a few of the largest exchanges now and thus it is already very centralized.

That's happened because people are stupid, and store/stake their ETH on exchanges instead of setting up their own nodes. This means they don't really own those ETH, the exchanges do. ("Not your keys, not your crypto.")

Good to see you posting.

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