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This article from zero-hedge is exactly on point with why your pension stocks will be re-evaluated. Here is a quote from it:

"The current stocks/bonds game is for all the marbles, by which I mean the status quo now depends on valuations and interest rates remaining near their current levels for the system to function. If interest rates soar and/or stocks plummet, the game is over: pension funds collapse, tax revenues drop, debt based on high asset valuations defaults, employment craters and the much-lauded 'wealth effect' reverses into a 'negative wealth effect' (i.e. everyone looking at their IRA or 401K statement feels poorer every month)."

The following picture is from Seoul Korea Airport:

Great short video on why the stock market it on edge and your pension money is at risk:

Another display from an airport this one below and the one above both from Seoul, South Korea:

Here is Greg Hunter interviewing two folks talking about how much governments, companies and people are leveraged with their debt levels:

The following picture was taken during a relaxing walk on Beach Road Pattaya Thailand:

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That is so true, by sucking out the money from the people, you not only kill off the real economic, you endanger the public peace.

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If interest rates soar and/or stocks plummet, the game is over:

A friend of mine is a loan manager at a very large bank. They do a massive amount of the real estate loans in the Chicagoland area. He said that if rates even rise to 6.5% for a home loan that about 90% of their current home loans wouldn't have a chance of qualifying. With the minor increases we have seen people are already starting to turn to adjustable loans to qualify.

If people aren't buying homes then their value plummet, no more using your house an an ATM (still happening at a crazy high rate), and foreclosures will once again become a massive issue.

Forget the entire new home and remodeling industry. They get crushed if this happens as people can't get loans to buy or remodel.

Without construction all sort of other industries are effected that service the construction industry.

This is just one small segment of the economy that once it starts to decline has a major ripple effect across the economy as a whole.

Interest rates will rise and people need to be ready for what comes next.

If Interest rates rise by 1/4 point many people in Canada will not be able to make their monthly Mortgage payments ... let alone afford to buy food.

1/4% isn't felt and as most mortgages are fixed interest rates. On a $10,000 credit card balance 1/4% is only $25 a year. This just isn't enough to matter as people can cut out something. Where even that small amount matters is that people will cut things out, say 1 less movie a year or eating at home an extra time. Multiple this over the entire economy and it means jobs are lost.

People in Canada have $800,000 mortgages ... that's $2,000 a year . . Almost $200 / month

A majority of mortgages are fixed rate so most will not feel any increase if rates increase.

TransUnion found that as of the end of June, the average Canadian mortgage had $198,781 left on it, a figure that has increased by almost five per cent in the previous 12 months


While there are pockets of Canada that have insane real estate prices the average person doesn't have a 800k mortgage. Anyone with an ARM that can't afford an extra 1/4% mortgage increase never should of bought a home on an ARM while rates were at historic lows. Seriously anyone that takes an ARM right now just isn't very intelligent. Buy a home you can afford or just don't purchase a home.

At that if someone has an ARM right now and isn't refinancing into a fixed rate mortgage is just asking for drastically higher payments in the future.

Interest rates will rise, period. There is zero chance of them not rising IMO.

Are you familiar with the current household debt situation in Canada ? It is bad.....

average Canadian Debt is $22,837 per person, not including mortgages

Yes it was in the same article that I had linked to. Of that debt a huge majority is Auto Loans which are also fixed. This isn't to say that a rate increase isn't going to effect the economy, because it does. It's just not what you are picturing. 1/4% is a rounding error in most people's lives. Just wait for 6.5% first mortgages again (which is still historically low) and we will see real pain in the real estate bubbles of the US and CA.

But mortgages aren't the only type of debt that's growing fast. The average Canadian owed $22,154 on top of any mortgage at the end of June, TransUnion said, a figure that has grown by 2.7 per cent in the previous 12 months.

The average credit card balance was at $2,840 at the end of June, and on average, people owed $19,087 against their car, if they owned one.

The numbers in the US are just as bad and you can see the numbers here:

Either way both countries have a massive overspending issue. Our governments and the people both spend far more then they should. People think they deserve everything NOW and take issue with the concept of waiting until they can actually afford it.

Credit Cards are not your friend and never should be used expect for an emergency. If you can't afford to purchase something today then don't buy it, it's truly that simple. Use Cash for everything and record every single penny you spend each day. Then review that spending on a weekly and monthly basis.

This isn't something that I talk about in an abstract form. We were part of the rat race trying to keep up an image. We had new cars, nice new clothes, ate out all the time, took vacations multiple times a year, and so forth. Then one day I realized that we had a TON of debt...$22k is a joke compared to what we had racked up. It took some time and discipline, but we paid it all off and now live debt free except our 1st mortgage (we had 2 before).

I didn't take the easy way out and file bankruptcy, we earned each dollar needed to pay off our debt. So I know how people get into massive debt and understand the sacrifices needed to get out of it. And to this day we live like we are poor instead of acting like we are rich. Read the Millionaire Next Door if you haven't. We aren't done with our journey towards financial freedom, but are much closer then most do to not wasting money.

Yeah... we haven’t gone on any big vacations in years unless it’s a road trip to visit family. Luckily I have no debt and take the bus/train everywhere I go. The party will eventually come to an end and all that debt will crush many.

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“Taxation is theft, purely and simply even though it is theft on a grand and colossal scale which no acknowledged criminals could hope to match. It is a compulsory seizure of the property of the State’s inhabitants, or subjects.”

― Murray N. Rothbard



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Trading is all about valuation and interest rate .
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this picture of the white temple (Wat Rong Khun) of Chiang Rai in Thailand. There are very impressive and ancient temples in all the areas where we went. However, I loved this one because is contemporary very different to others. The Buddhist temples walls are full of tales in painted art. But this one has really cool sculptures of Predator, yes the movie and in the inside paints of movies like Star Wars, Terminator and others... it was quite striking. I'm wondering if in the past the temple's artist were depicting similar stories.

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The current stocks/bonds game is for all the marbles, by which I mean the status quo now depends on valuations and interest rates remaining near their current levels for the system to function

Was never always good with figures hence the statement above was a little bit complex to understand but the airport pictures really look beautiful and the idea of going nature the tress makes it all the more beautiful

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Tax has been overpaying us alot of money, it is true that it is for the better of us but it sucks we all know where all this money goes ,corruption they just eat away our money .....
Pictures are really great ,you should have enjoyed a lit bit more,
You didnt day what you did to the money you got by selling bitcoin from your friend.

It went as an installment towards the condo I bought in Thailand.

Costed 1 bitcoin isnt that much

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Wow it's like an inside forest :)

Those are awesome photography! That would be a nice idea to meet a company that who can help 3rd world countries!


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Welcome to Thailand and Pattaya! These few days we are expecting storms and rain in Thailand. That’s why the view at Pattaya looks so grey. At least the air quality and relaxing seaside are healthier than living in Bangkok.

The photos of the airport in South Korea are amazing! They are far more advance than the airports here.
I am a fan of Greg Hunter! His work is always very informative and different!

I am not optimistic about what will come to pass before the end of this year. I have been warning my friends and families but they think I am crazy!

Have a great holiday!

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Seoul airport is so beautiful. I love how Asian airports incorporate so much of living greenery.

@greenman Thailand is really a beautiful place. They are developing so fast. Their great construction is the proof that how they developed themselves. Hope you enjoyed a lot there.

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@greenman though I am not too good in the stock market through this short video by martenso, I deduce some salient point.

  1. There are some individuals manipulating markets thereby suppressing the volatility.

  2. He reveals incoming crisis and how to thrive. Since I am not the government, protecting myself towards this crisis is of utmost importance.

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Trading is all about valuation and interest rate

here is also seems like that bamk interest on savings are dowing while loan rate are higher probably in double digit, finanace ministry also declared its will be reduce in single digit. the person who depends on their savings are in a trouble.

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Trading is all about valuation and interest rate

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