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I start my crypto journey 2 years ago and i learned it in a bad way. I was scammed by hashocean and btcpanda. I invested 700 dollars and i only got 100 usd in return before they run away with my money. I never gave up and research about what is crypto currency. With 100 usd in hand worth of bitcoin i invest it to Lisk.

I bought lisk around 25 cents and the price is going down so hard for 3 months. I remember it was down to 9 cents. I said to my self ,thats it I'm done! Few months later i forget about my investment in crypto and boom! I earn the money that i lost in the first place. I keep hodling and i currently have 5000 usd worth of crypto. With this crash going on i will keep hodling because selling in a cheap price will make someone rich :) so lets hodl if we believe in crypto !