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i am waiting for more dips to grab some more coin thanks to the FUD that has been created due to regulations

My personal believe is FUD or whatever those are giving us market drops to buy more BTC and other alternative coins. Look what kind of drama going around. NEO originated from China and it's showed a hue market pulse than other coins. Anyway whatever happen, I believe BTC will recover and will seek a new peak in next 2-3 months of time!
Great analysis report and thank you very much for sharing with us!


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@kurtbeil Don't underestimate these Chinkis Mate, They started selling at $3900 - created panic - FUD, and bought back at $2900-$3000..
We can't match their shrewdness!

yes steem is very cheap because of it! I got me some :)

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what they wanna achieve doing all this :(

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end of the drama, btc will rise up. nice analysis & article @kurtbeil

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OMG...this us great news for all crypto currency users....specially like me....
This is very useful article..and great analyse abour BTC...
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you have explained it nicely..even a beginner like me also can read and understand the situation..very informative..thanks for sharing sir :)

The fact remains that a hole community (chinese) wil not be able to openly trade and or mine BTC. so the btc price wil rise as some of the biggest farms where located in chine. But the chinese wil no longer buy them either so it wil drop. So in essence nothing wil spike or drop. My logic :)

I read an article saying the ICO ban was fake news....confused!

I thought you left steemit, glad to see your still here.

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