Worried About Bitcoin (BTC) Price Volatility - This Makes You Feel Much Better. Promised.

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I am in the crypto space since 2014. This means I missed the first four years even though I was a software entrepreneur then.

The reason that I am not (yet) living under a bridge is not that I never made any mistakes but rather that I corrected them quickly. Once I realised that I screwed up the beginning I dived in deep in 2014ff. Something anyone can still do today, BTW.

As a BTC hodler: Are you fully aware of the flashy and the more subtly ways you could loose your coins? No? Then check out this illuminating talk by Jameson Lopp.

Chances are that at minute 15 of 33 you no longer worry about today's price ;-)

As long as you don't loose or sell your coins who the heck cares about what number those exchanges hold up in the air today?



Regards dear @mariusfebruary.

Certainly losing the keys or losing your BTC is many times more depressing than thinking about the price drop.

Your friend, Juan.

It depends a lot on how much you rely on that BTC. I for example am currently in the situation to power down on both Steem and Hive to pay some of my bills, and honestly I don't like at all, but I don't know for sure for how long my savings will keep me running and I guess in this category enter the ones currently selling. I know, don't invest more than you can't afford to loose, but...
I am opening right now the link and see how much it will change my perspective. Of course, I am not willing to sell crypto, but if life will force me I will.

I think if you sell some crypto because you need the money that is absolutely fine and you won't regret it. That is what money is for ultimately. What is the point of being a hodler and never sell? However, if one does not need the money and sells (BTC) because the price dips that could to be troublesome...

Yup! You’ve got your points! Long term, things should be quite spectacular!

I'm not a early invester but I'm closely watching the price action to fill my bag.

I'm not a early invester but I'm closely watching the price action to fill my bag.