My First Bitcoin Collectors Coins

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Finally I get these, it was much overdue, but better late then never. For all the Crypto fans I am sure the thought must be there to have a real coin in their list of collectibles. My hubby wanted to get a real Gold coin, and we did a lot of search but could not find one. So if anyone has an idea where I can get a real Gold Coin please do suggest.

I got 2 coins, both in copper metal. One is Silver color and the other one with Gold plating, both of them weighing around 91 gms. I bought the Copper Gold one from Amazon. The gold one I bought whereas the silver coin is gifted to me by my son, so I do not know the value of it. The Copper golden one costed me around 80$. Whatever it is, I am so so happy with my new possessions and will surely treasure it. But yes the dream is get the real gold one.

Let me flaunt to you my collectors coins.





I am sure by now most of the people here must have already got it and it must be a common thing, but for me it's very fascinating and I am enjoying having them and feeling delightful.
I hope very soon I can get the real gold one too 😍💖

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Bitcoin owners always flaunts their style....and this is just part of it....I need to check it if any of them delivered in India or not....

Hey @steemflow, I got here in Mumbai itself from Amazon. You can easily get these here in different range, which even I was not aware of till date.

Ohh u r in Mumbai..... for sure would be enjoy the Ganesh Festival...and delicious Modaks.... Ganpatti Bappa Morya 🙏🙏

Yes, I am here since mid Aug and going to be there till almost end Nov, so a long long time to be at home :-) Thank you. Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to you as well.

Wow! That looks amazing!

Neat! I imagine real gold will be expensive with gold prices being what they are right now.

A nice souvenier to remember how you managed to reach your dream, dear;)
did you buy some Btc too or this coin doesn't correlate to it?:)