MegaCryptoPolis launched on Tron

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After being on the Ethereum blockchain for two years, the city building blockchain game MegaCryptoPolis launched on the Tron network. The city building browser game launched on Wednesday. In the coming months the development team will unify accounts across the Ethereum and Tron blockchain, allowing players to have one avatar on both networks.

Prices for new land plots started at 150 TRX, but now the minimum price is already 4000 TRX per parcel. Land value goes up based on demand and when surrounding land has been sold.

Players can buy land plots within a district. Earning revenue for TRX spent on or around their land. In addition players can also acquire ownership over a district. These are being auctioned with a starting price of 150 thousand TRX (approx $1500). District owners earn money over every transaction taking place in their district.

Expensive blockchain game

The Ethereum-based version of MegaCryptoPolis already has a two year head start. Even though that version of the game has been updated considerably over the past 24 months. Right now the lowest price for a piece of land is 0.1 ETH, 14 dollars. In comparison, the cheapest land on the Tron version of MegaCryptoPolis is already 4000 TRX or 43 dollars.

In the game players need to acquire land, control citizens, produce resources, and use those resources to make money or grow their business even more. Besides trading inside the game, assets from MegaCryptoPolis are also quite a popular on the public marketplace. On OpenSea the game has at least 30 ETH of trading volume per week.

Tron mostly gambling

Justin Sun keeps praising his own blockchain for the amount of wallets and transactions, but it lacks real entertainment use-cases. The Tron blockchain houses the biggest amount of gambling, mainly thanks to WINk. With 3.6 million dollars of volume WINk is the most valuable and the most popular dApp on the Tron blockchain.

On a daily basis people spend 7.3 million dollars on gambling games on the Tron blockchain. That’s good for 61.8% of all blockchain gambling. The second spot goes to another Asian product, EOS. People on the EOS blockchain gamble with 3.4 million dollars per day, which is 28.8%. The third spot is for Ethereum, which takes care of 1.1 million dollar per day (9.4%).

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