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RE: "Bitcoin will be as widely used as Fiat soon" - Jack Dorsey

in #bitcoin6 months ago

Hey Jr, Im wondering are there other viable applications for bitcoin that you know of that you havent seen much activity around? Or even not specifically bitcoin but on a wider basis crypto in general?


Off the top of my head, in game currency is a big one. Store of value (bitcoin). Escrow and title would be a few more...

By ingame currency do you mean a crypto being used inside a game to purchase digital goods? Ive always been reserved around doing that as it presents a pay to win opportunity, unless of course you make only certain items which have little more then cosmetic effect purchasable.

The same way other digital goods are purchased on games. Roblox for example had billions spent on in game items in the last few years, seems like a great use for a cryptocurrency. Easy way to get real money into the game.